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Extended Release


Extended release.

In the energy world, I haven't spoken into it much because it hasn't happened a lot until now. There is so much for us to release, let go of, and set free. Old memories, old experiences, blocked sensations in the body, traumas; we all have unprocessed energy and experiences.

So as it's time for us to release those in January of 2022, I have decided that 2022 is a year of extended release. There is so much for us to let go of as humankind so that we can step forward into this new expression of who we are.

Let's let go of that old 3D stuff, and let's step into 5D

Let's step into compassion.

Let's step into unconditional love, peace, and joy.

Let's step into those higher frequencies that are fifth dimensional frequencies; that are the consciousnesses of Heaven. How about that?

Let's step into these high levels of consciousness and operate from those places.

Because when we're there, that old stuff doesn't even match anymore. It releases on its own.


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Science Proves Energy is Everything


Everything is energy.
Do you remember back in science class when you learned about an atom? I remember my mind being blown when my science teacher said, “An atom is the building block of everything. Atoms have a nucleus, electrons, protons, and neutrons that go around them.” All of that whole thing is just a blur that we're only starting to be able to see through microscopes where scientists can start to see the atomic matter. Scientists were looking at these and they realized that atoms were 99.99% air.

Well, I think of that air is energy!

Atoms are 99.99% energy and 0.01% matter, which is that nucleus, the electrons, protons, and neutrons--You know what I'm talking about, so think about that for a minute.
The building block of everything that we know is an atom and it is almost all energy.
Well, a couple of atoms come together and they form molecules, then molecules form elements, and then elements come together and start forming tissues. We have tissues, then we...

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