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Our Infused Intention for May of 2022 is Growth.

We are in a three eclipse cycle that's happening right now. In fact, we're just having a total lunar eclipse, and there will be another eclipse at the end of this month.

The energy informed us that Growth was the Infused Intention for this month, because of the eclipses and the sweeping change that happens with eclipses. You know, we can choose to contract or we can choose to expand.

I choose expansion every time, no matter how uncomfortable it is, no matter how much I'm outside of my comfort zone, and no matter how much I'm triggered by what's happening around me. I choose growth, I choose expansion every time, and I'm willing to step forward in that space.

I'm willing to feel it, because you know, we must feel it to process it.

When we do that, we can incorporate it into our consciousness and then we're done-- we can release it, process it, alchemize it, and turn it into light.

And there we are--a higher vibrating being than we were before.


As you know, my husband has been suffering from cancer. Yesterday morning, he woke up and he said to me, "Connie, I'm done."

I said, "Okay, what does that look like?" (Thinking along the lines of growth)

He said, "I'm ready for hospice". And I said, "Okay, well, let's do that."

We call his Oncologist and within an hour, his nurse called us back. Not only did they agree with us, they actually set up the hospice for us. Hospice called us and I just got a bed delivered. We've met, we've checked in, etc. I mean, talk about quantum

Jim made the decision that he was done with this incarnation. Within an hour, it was all set up. Within two hours, we were on the books. And within less than 24 hours, everything is set up and, and his bed is in place.

Also, there's phone calls to my children, my mother, and our grandchildren about all of this.

Change, growth, expansion--we are in the middle of this eclipse series and sweeping change. I believe that part of Jim's change is he's on his way out. He knows that and he was able to put words around it. And we have been talking about the growth that Jim is going to experience as a result of his passing on to his next experience.

We talk about this very matter of factly, actually. He and I will still be in communication; that's apart of his growth into the next experience. I like to think of that truly as 5D, as in the heavenly experience.

What I want you to notice is that there's constant growth capabilities for us. We do that by having the hard conversations. We do that by looking our beloved in the eye, and when he says "I'm done," I say, "Okay, this is your path, this is your incarnation, this is your next step."

I didn't argue with him, I didn't resist it. I felt my feeling of sadness, and I will feel my grief when that time is right. That is growth, that is expansion, that is running the energies of the human experience.

So I invite you in this month of May, this month of growth, and in this season of eclipses to ask yourself "What is growth mean for you right now?"

Who can you have that beautiful conversation with? Who can you have that hard conversation with? How are you willing to step into growth that you've never experienced before?

Because you couldn't even imagine thinking it, let alone talking about it or having a conversation with someone else.

We are quantum, you are quantum. This kind of growth, the way we're skipping quantum timelines as we are shifting as humanity, you are shifting with the rest of us.

Those of you that are watching this--we are in this energy together. We are hanging 10 on the front edge of the 5D world--of our New Earth.

Continue with your growth through the month of May.

Thank you for being here. The fact that you're here and listening, you're watching and you're bringing your energy, courage, clarity, and your growth is benefiting humanity and it is raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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