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Brain Function


Brain Function.

Come on!

I am so surprised at how my brain is shifting and changing as I am going from 3D to 5D.

As our world is shifting from 3D to 5D.

However you want to think about the shift or the physical ascension or the Great Awakening; it's happening. We're all aware of that. How it's affecting my brain has been very interesting to me.

In fact, it's been alarming at times that my brain isn't working like it used to. Given that I'm 65, my first impulse was to think that it was my age that was doing that, when in fact, that is not what is doing that. It is shifting from 3D to 5D.

Old paradigms are breaking apart.

As you know, this is all part of the shift. Paradigms in the human experience are breaking apart; 3D paradigms that will no longer serve us in the fifth dimension

So this 5D brain gets to be fully present in the quantum now.

I had a brain that stored information very easily and quickly, and I was able to store it and retrieve it; I was one of those people in school that you probably hated. My brain has always worked really well. And it's been a repository of a lot of information over the decades.

What's happening is that is diminishing and it's going away. When I reach back for one of those facts, it's not there anymore, and I can look it up, except I really don't need all of those facts that I taught music for 42 years, and I've been doing for 60 years, since I was 5; I just don't need all those music facts anymore.

But there's other parts of my life, my life, that the memories, information, and data that was stored in my brain is fading.

What I want to speak into is that we are releasing the personality. We are releasing our ego structures as we move into this 5D space, because everything is energy, and our brain is energy and that this cognitive aspect is a form of energy.

If we are fully present in this quantum now we have everything we need right now.

That may seem crazy. And it's true, because we have access to the fifth dimensional energies, which are love, peace, joy and enlightenment.

We and those Fifth Dimension energies are different than the Third Dimension energies that we work in with courage, shame and a lot of different lower vibrating frequencies. Those don't even exist in the fifth dimension.

I'm telling you that when we all fully step into this fifth dimensional New Earth, this earth, those frequencies are not even capable of surviving there.

What I'm finding is that if I stay in the present moment, and in the energy, the intelligence of the energy informs me.

I am finding now that when I am in the energy, the things that happen will stay and those facts or bits of data are encased in that quantum now (in that experience) that happened and my memory of how that happened, how it unfolded, and that the intelligence that I need now is coming in daily and hourly. And sometimes by the minute, especially when I'm facilitating group energy sessions, or when I'm creating our programs for Quantum Energy Infusion.

What I need is always here and now.

So if you're someone that's really been concerned about your cognitive function; maybe you don't even want to talk about it, and maybe you can't even remember if you called somebody.  You're not alone.

The Third Dimension aspects are falling away, and the way that our brain used to work to survive in the 3D doesn't need those aspects any more. So try not to be alarmed.

Look at it as a shift.

If you do want to consult for help; with neurological help, medical help, etc. follow on that instinct if that's your intuitive hit do that.

If you don't feel like it's a medical or neurological problem, by all means, embrace it.

Stay present in the moment and see if you do in fact have everything you need in this quantum now.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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