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The Energy of QEI


Everything is Energy.

Quantum Energy Infusion is Energy.

You know, the words themself began as thought that came into me - as conscious thought.

It began as the Intelligence of the Energy downloading into me what Quantum Energy Infusion is; what it has become. These original ideas that I had accompanied with the energy of the idea has turned into this giant company.

Quantum Energy Infusion now has four levels of instruction in it that last a year and a half. What started out as an idea that was an eight-week program has now turned into a year and a half course of study for four programs.

That is energy at its finest. That is energy generating the next energy. That is energy unfolding moment by moment and creating what comes next. That is Quantum.

The Intelligence of the Energy is in the Energy--you don't have to do anything. It's there, 24/7. The Intelligence of the Energy is constantly informing us.

So the more that you live, move, breathe, and feel your energy, the more information you're bringing in.

We all love the Infinity Weave. The more that you engage with your energy, whether it's your auric field, your chakra system, your meridians, or whether you just like to think about being energetic and you'd like to think about your level of consciousness--it's all energy.

Well, all of this Energy is expressing, as our company, out into the collective. Quantum Energy Infusion is consciousness. It is energy, it is light, it is beingness.

Now, we have 150 to 170 people that have gone through our programs. All of those people are the beacon, they embody the energy of Quantum Energy Infusion. They have embodied the teachings and they are living them.

They have raised their level of consciousness and they are radiating out into the collective, therefore raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence. How cool is that?

What started as an energetic download from the Divine Intelligence has turned into this beautiful company. This is how we can support humanity with the shift by raising the collective consciousness.

That came into me this morning, and I was so excited about that awareness and the being-ness that our company gets to express out in the collective like that - I had to share it with you!

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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