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Monster Nana


I'm gonna go spend three and a half weeks with my grandchildren. I'm so excited about this! I want to make sure that I am really fun, healthy, vegan Nana, and I don't become Monster Nana.

The way that I do that is I eat well, I exercise no matter what, and I move energy. I do my energy exercises every day; I have an energy practice, just like I have an exercise practice. I also have a meditation practice; I do all of those things.

I get to take care of me. I get to be fun and healthy Nana.

Now, when Monster Nana decides to come up, I have ways to deal with her. If something happens unexpectedly, and all of a sudden, I'm like, "Woo!", all lit up, and I'm not exactly sure what's wrong, I may go right to that quantum chop. You know, you can't beat this for a way to get out frustration, anger, fury or irritation. This is just a great way to chop that right out of your experience.

My grandchildren have seen energy technologies since they were born, literally. I mean, they came into the world with energy technologies, because I was doing an energy session prior to and then when they came in, but the point is, they've seen me do this.

They've already learned the central vessel release. They know if something is coming up in them, and they really feel uncomfortable, they'll do this; they'll say, "Oh, I'm gonna release that Nana", so you can do that too.

Now if you're at home, you've got the freedom and the privacy to do that. But let's say you're at the office, and somebody really sets you off, and that little green monster comes up in you. Instead of this, you could push on the side of your hand; there's no reason that you cannot still engage that very same power of this technology.

Without having to do this, you can simply push, and you can push there and then you can push here and know that it's working. Sometimes I just clasp my hands, because I can really get a good push on it there. And nobody has any idea that I have just averted my little green monster from coming out.

The other ways that I like to work with this monster energy, and to keep it at bay, is to do that infinity weave, because as long as you are doing the Infinity Weave, anytime that you can, you are strengthening your auric field.

When that auric field is stronger, the triggers are less likely to get all the way into your body. You've got this beautiful energetic boundary that you've set around yourself. As long as you are keeping that nice and strong, it is going to support you and not let a lot of that stuff come in and bother you that may have before.

So those are a lot of hints that you've got, and those are things that I'm going to do so that Monster Nana doesn't come blowing up and exploding out of me. Those are tips that will support you whether you're at work, or whether you're at a birthday party and there's 10 different kids, and lots of sugar, and lots of stuff going on, and you can really feel the energy rising out of control.

The good news is you can keep your energy optimal and flowing freely and smoothly and balanced.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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