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You could be a portal!

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2022

I watched the lunar eclipse this morning,

I got to see the whole full Eclipse at about five o'clock and it was such a treat because I'm here in South Florida where we've got a hurricane watch! When I went out to look at the moon last night, it was all covered with clouds. And I was like, Oh, that's too bad.

I woke up at 3:30 am to go out to check (just in case) and it was still covered up with clouds. I was awake, then, praying and meditating in the middle of the night. And I thought about 4:30 I'm gonna go check one more time. And you know, the clouds opened up, and I got to see the full Eclipse! As the moon was there shining brightly between this break in the clouds, it was such a gift for me and everybody else in South Florida, that didn't think they were going to get to see it due to the storms.

So the energy of this eclipse - there is Diamond Light coming in. It is magnificent! It's the Divine Feminine Energy, it is really high frequency and it is pure and beautiful.

What we're finding out here at Quantum Energy Infusion( through my experience and other and the other people that are in our program) is it's coming in in this beautiful spiral way. It's coming in, especially in through the Crown Chakra. And it's working its way down the Pranic Channel or LifeForce Highway that we like to call it. And the thing is, it's not like it's hanging out in our head or our heart, it's going all the way through you all the way down to the center of the earth.

We are being called upon right now to be channels for this energy to come through. We can use the word Light Station if we want. The thing is though it is coming in and going directly to the center of the earth, then it's coming back up. So you've heard me talk about energy like this before.

This is exciting for me, because this White Diamond Energy that's coming in is so powerful, and it's the Feminine and we need it so badly right now. And it brings harmony, it brings balance, it brings kindness, it brings nurturing, and also support. So all of these energies are in this big energy as it comes in.

This morning, which is 11/8 is was the full lunar eclipse, and Friday 11/11 is the transit,  Scorpio Gate. So this energy is not letting up anytime soon!

What I want you to know is you are able to receive these energies. If you're watching this, you are capable of receiving these energies. And your body you may be showing "signs of your frequency accelerating." You may be exhausted, you may feel fatigued, you may feel sluggish. kinda like a turtle.

Sometimes I kind of feel like I'm a turtle and I just need to go lay down. Because as your body is trying to accommodate these really high frequencies, and especially this beautiful light that's coming in right now, it needs an opportunity to adjust. And if you need to lay down - go lay down! As I was working some marketing copy today my brain just went empty.  It stopped working to go lay down.

This is another thing we're noticing about the Diamond Light is that if we're meditating or doing work, that all of a sudden this white light comes in and it clears the mental chatter. It brings this peace and this calm with it. 

I was so surprised by it when it happened to me last week that I asked Mary of Magdala about it in one of my writings. She called it being a portal. She said that I was a portal at that moment when my brain went "white." When we are absolutely clear like that, and we (the ego) fall away, it is simply the Light. We are the Light, and that that functions as a portal for other people. So this is even another step of evolution past what I was talking about last month with being a Light Station! Being a portal is the next step of evolving for us. We literally are a portal for others to experience this energy.

I didn't know that could happen and it is happening!  So hang on to your hat. This is the week for really strong energies.  We're in the eclipse season and and we've just had two out of three eclipses. Plus we're having the 11/11 transit on Friday.

So allow yourself some time to bring this in. And maybe allow yourself that time for your mind to be completely released and filled with this white light. It's Divine Feminine, it's nurturing. It's kind, it's sweet. It's balancing, it's harmonious. It is so powerful. And I find it beaming out of me like a Care Bear.

The other day I was balancing my chakras and I had this experience that I was very much like a portal. The light was going out to my family members who are all 1000 miles away from me in different parts of the United States.

The Light was literally beaming out to them. And my mind was completely clear, except for this exquisite experience of love, joy, peace, and that's all one word: LoveJoyPeace. That's what  was happening to me. It was magnificent! And it took me a long time to come back into my body and even want to come back into the world.

It's our job though, to be able to embody that light and walk in the world with it.
So give yourself an opportunity to experience this beautiful Diamond Light, this magnificent, Divine Feminine Energy that's coming in and really enjoy your experience.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy. 

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