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You're a Light Station!


You are a Lightstation.

If you're watching this, you might have called yourself a light worker in the past or an energy practitioner or an energy worker, or simply someone that's intuitive, or maybe you're an empath, you've called yourself all those things,

I'm going to tell you that you are a Light Station. Our job now, anyone that's considered themselves a Lightworker or any of those other things I talked about, is now raising in frequency enough that we get to receive the energies coming into the earth.

We have new high frequency energies coming in and we have light codes coming in. There is so much happening in the energetic world that is being sent here to raise and shift the consciousness of humanity. A lot of people are calling this different things. In Quantum Energy Infusion, we are calling it raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence. It's also our mission.  

So you're a Light Station because you are open to the energy, because you've been working with it for years or decades, like a lot of us - or lifetimes, right? Or centuries or millennia? I happen to know that I've been here for a long, long time, and that this has been my job for all of my incarnations leading up into this one.

When I say the words Light Station, I mean that the light seeks you out.  As you know, the light is intelligence. And we always speak into the Intelligence of the Energy in Quantum Energy Infusion because everything's energy. Energy is intelligence, It has Its Own Intelligence.

The Energy is the very fabric of the universe. So the Energy runs through you and through your body and the energy systems that you are. You know, in this matter that you are - your body suit is compressed energy. Your body is simply energy that is at a slower vibrating frequency so that it can manifest as matter and your body suit.

The Intelligence of the Light and the Intelligence of the Energy knows the desire of your heart. And IF that is to be of service to humanity right now, then you can be a Light Station. So all of this Light can come in through you, and you can exude it out into the collective consciousness. I want you to sit with that a while: Light Station.  

Let's be these Light Stations.

Some of the thought leaders that I follow have other names. I've heard Tim Wilde call us Light Leaders. I've heard Celia Fenn call us Galactic Masters. I do like the term Light Leader.  Light Master is the one that's coming in from my guides - that we are now Light Masters. I'm going to talk about this more next week.

  • Right now I want you to spend this week being a Light Station.
  • Being an open, receptive willing channel for these new light codes.
  • Allow this new information and this new energy to come in through you.
  • Ground it right through your body into the earth.  
  • Bring the energy to Mother Earth because it will benefit Her as much as it benefits you.
  • Bring it in - let your body accommodate all of the different frequencies that are coming in.
  • And you may have some symptoms of your frequency accelerating. They can they can look all kinds of different ways - I'm gonna talk about those next week.

Enjoy being a Light Station this week and doing your work for the collective consciousness! 

I'm Connie Kean with quantum energy and fusion where everything is energy

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