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Mastery with Light

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2022

Last week, I called you a Light Station.

If you're a Light Station, what do you do with all of this light that's coming in? You can give it to Mother Earth, it's our job.

I used to work with the lower vibrating frequencies within the collective consciousness for years (I woke up in 1994.) So I've been on this journey for a long time. And I've known that we were raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence.

The way that I used to work with the energies was to literally transmute those dark, heavy frequency, low vibrating energies. They were the emotions that would run in currents through the collective consciousness, I and my team and the people that I worked with, we would transmute those lower vibrating frequencies, and sometimes we would literally incinerate them.

What we're being called to do now, though, what my guides are telling me and we're doing at QEI is we are being Light Stations. This is where we receive the light, we capture it, and we bring it through our bodies. We bring it through this matter, through this compressed energy called a body suit. We bring it through our body suit and through our energy systems, and we take it right to the Earth.

Some of you may know that you literally have a chakra, you have an energy center, that is yours that is in the earth below you. You can send it to that chakra that is YOU in the earth, because Mother Earth benefits from that.

Then I also have our people bring it in, send it through their body into that chakra in the earth, and then send it down all the way to the Heart of Gaia. Imagine that light/energy going all the way down through the topsoil, and through the bedrock, right to the center of the earth. Right to that molten magma, that lava that's there.

Then I have them think about bringing that up that red molten lava, that Yin Energy that is the center of the Earth. Bring it up all the way through those layers of bedrock and all the way through the topsoil, right into that lower chakra of yours, then bring it up into your system into your chakra system.

You know, you've got meridian points in your feet, you can bring it up to your Meridians as well as your Chakra System. And it's coming into your Auric Field. There's three energy systems right there that you are benefiting from, by sending your energy into the earth and bringing it back up; bringing Her Yin Energy up through your systems. Here, we talk about this all the time. I talk about it when I'm on the beach. I talk about it to anybody that will listen!

Right now, though, I'm talking about it in a different way - in that you are this Light Station. Not everybody can do this. If you're watching me right now, you can do this; otherwise, you would not have found me.

You may feel funny as you're allowing this energy to penetrate your body suit, letting it come in through your cells and your tissues, and into your energy systems,  You may be exhausted, you may have brain fog, you may just want to go lay down and take a nap. You may want to go put your butt on the ground, in the grass or in the sand, or go hug a tree.

You have to get yourself grounded because you may feel like you're just floating out there in the ether, which is how I feel a lot of the time!

To counteract this, I am constantly grounding myself. And you may be able to relate to this. So as you bring this energy/light in, your body accommodates to these higher frequencies.

You've been chosen to do this because you can. (that doesn't mean you have to, except you can). And I figure out if I can, I must. Because my mission is to help raise the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence. So I don't give myself a choice in it, but you CAN give yourself a choice.

I'm using my body as a combustion engine that brings it in, helps moderate it, and then sends it down into the earth. Because Mother Earth needs as many of us doing this as we can now.

We are Light Masters  (you may call yourself something else and that's great!)  Right now I like to term Light Masters because those of us who are living in mastery around light and energy, get to use that mastery in  another way. So instead of only working with the lower vibrating energies, we are now fully dedicated to using ourselves as Light Stations.

I invite you to do that. And if you have any questions about it, go ahead and make a comment below or reach out and send an email to us at [email protected] .Because we can support you with that and we would love to!

We're Light Masters and we do this to help Raise the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful CoExistence.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy!

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