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Quantum Now


Let's engage with the Quantum Now.

Take a full breath in. Fill up your lungs and send the energy out of your mouth and down through your feet. Breathe in up through your feet and exhale out of your mouth.

We are breathing in the LifeForce Energy. Bring that energy in through your nose,
fill up your lungs, take it down to your body into the ground, send it way down into the ground. Next breath, breathe up through the ground, breathe up to your legs, and
into your lungs. You are fully centered in your body, you are grounded in your body and centered in yourself. And you are fully present in this moment, this Now moment.

I call it the Quantum Now because when we are fully present, grounded in our bodies, we have literally brought Heaven to Earth. We have brought our 5D Beingness into our 3D body engaged with this inspirational LifeForce breath. We have access to all time and all space in the Quantum Now.

Let's do that again! Breathe in, fill your lungs. Imagine...

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This is about showing up in life and what happens when life happens to us.

I live on a beach and I walk on it almost every morning. During my walks, I find beautiful shells. It used to be that I looked for the ones that were perfect. Isn't this how we all want to show up? Especially when we get up for our day--we're ready to go, we're dressed for work or for whatever it is we're going to be doing, and our hair looks good. Our makeup looks good. We've got a nice car and our outfit works, right?

Isn't that how we all like to show up?

And then, life happens. Before you know it, there's been a little erosion; we've had something happen. We've got a hole over here, or we got a whole big chunk knocked out over here.

The cool thing about that is, if we're willing to let that be an experience, it lets us see what's inside, what's inside of us, and what's underneath that facade that we construct so carefully.

I like to think about what's inside as my eternal essential self. I like...

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A Precious Moment


I had a precious moment with my husband.

I came back from tending to my father, as we put him into hospice. I've spoken about this earlier. Jim and I were talking about whether he could make the funeral or not.

Some of you may remember, he's experiencing fourth stage cancer right now, and the body is very weak. Jim's spirit is strong, but his body is weak.

So I walked in, and Jim had needed some attention; I needed to work with him, give him some energy, minister him, and clean him up a little bit. After that was all over and we had him back in the bed, we were talking about if he was going to be well enough to go to daddy's funeral. We both realized that he was not, in fact, strong enough to make the trip to Illinois by two planes and all the travel.

As the reality of that moment sunk in, I experienced sadness. I know, I've spoken into sadness before, and that's the word that comes to me. Now, it was much more complex than that. This realization that I was soon...

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The Portals


We are right in the middle of a bunch of portals in February--the 2/2 portal, the 2/12 portal, and the 2/22 portal coming up.

When these portals are open, new energies are coming in. Higher frequencies than what we've had in the past are coming to the Earth.

I like to think of the Sun as the big portal; as the way in which these energies come in. We also have light codes. The energy comes in light codes; light as information, and light as intelligence. It comes in and our bodies receive the light.

We can unlock these light codes when our body is at a high enough frequency to receive the information that is in the light code.

So, if you find that you are tired, confused, frustrated, or if you have some aches and pains, brain fog, or you're not sure what the heck is wrong with you, it's because we are being bombarded with all of these new light codes; all of this new information and frequencies that are coming in to the Earth.

It's coming fast and it's coming hard and it's...

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