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Quantum Now


Let's engage with the Quantum Now.

Take a full breath in. Fill up your lungs and send the energy out of your mouth and down through your feet. Breathe in up through your feet and exhale out of your mouth.

We are breathing in the LifeForce Energy. Bring that energy in through your nose,
fill up your lungs, take it down to your body into the ground, send it way down into the ground. Next breath, breathe up through the ground, breathe up to your legs, and
into your lungs. You are fully centered in your body, you are grounded in your body and centered in yourself. And you are fully present in this moment, this Now moment.

I call it the Quantum Now because when we are fully present, grounded in our bodies, we have literally brought Heaven to Earth. We have brought our 5D Beingness into our 3D body engaged with this inspirational LifeForce breath. We have access to all time and all space in the Quantum Now.

Let's do that again! Breathe in, fill your lungs. Imagine your lungs being wings, angel wings for your heart! Exhale down through your body into the ground.
Breathe up through your legs, breathe up and out from the ground, the energy of the earth. Bring that in, fill it all the way into your lungs. Release it to feel that grounding, feel being connected to the earth. And also feel that LifeForce breath that's 5D energy. So we have this 5D energy grounded in our 3D bodies, which gives us access to the Quantum Now; think the energy of Heaven on Earth.

Let's think about the energy of where we are in the world right now with the human calendar, at the end of the year.  It's a wonderful time of the year for some people, a sad or lonely or pressured or stressed time of the year for others. Whatever it is for you is what it is. I invite you to center yourself, ground yourself with your breath. And allow yourself to experience the Quantum Now, which is not encumbered by third dimensional beliefs.

You can have your little bit of Heaven on Earth, and you can make your decision for whatever to do next, from this grounded centered place of being.

As I step into the holidays, it will be the first year without the presence, the 3D presence,  of my dear beloved husband; and without the 3D presence of my father. And what I know is they are totally available to me in Fifth Dimension. So when I ground myself, my eternal, essential higher self, in my body with that breath and with that intention, I am in the same dimension as my husband and my father. And I am able to experience this Quantum Now with their eternal essential self as well.

It's an it's an energy gift that I want to give you for any of those who have lost loved ones and are stepping into this holiday season. It's a way that you can commune with them while you are still fully present here in your body with your other other beloved people on Earth.

Let's bring Heaven to Earth!

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy!

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