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The Energy of Gratitude


The Energy of Gratitude!

It's a high frequency--holding gratitude, experiencing gratitude or simply speaking a grateful sentence.

I am thankful for my health. I am thankful for this opportunity. I am thankful that I have a family.

Whatever it is--that is gratitude and that is drawing the energy of gratitude towards you.

Remember, the beautiful Law of Attraction--like attracts like. So as we express gratitude, or we even express gratitude in advance of something that we want to have happen, it's more likely to draw that energy towards us.

I'd like to share a story that happened not even an hour ago, and it has to do with the energy of gratitude and how that took an impossible situation and turned it into a possible one.

As a lot of you know, my husband is in chemo; he has a diagnosis of fourth stage cancer. He had a chemo session this morning. Jim is at the place where he can walk with a walker, and even then that's a stretch.

We live in an old building in South Florida on the fifth floor, and the elevator was out this morning. We were getting ready to leave to go to his chemo session, and we had plenty of time to spare (we were so proud of ourselves).

All of a sudden, the exterminators walk in to spray the whole building. So we're like, "oh, okay, timeout". We spent a little time with that--no problem. We were way ahead of a time.

When we got to the elevators, we realized they didn't work.

Now, we live on the fifth floor. There are little half stairways (10 stairways in total) that we get to go up and down to come to the fifth floor. Now I run up and down them every day for exercise. I don't even use the elevator.

However, it's a different story with Jim. So he thought he could get down the stairs to get to his chemo treatment. He got himself over there and held he both hands on the rail, taking one step after the other.

We did that for 88 steps. I know because I count them every time I run up and down them. It took 88 of those steps until we finally got him downstairs.

That was a miracle. And I was so grateful.

The energy of gratitude that I had when we started was that Jim was willing to do it and that we would figure it out from there. It never once occurred to me that he would not make it all the way down, because I kept that energy of gratitude flowing throughout all of it; throughout all of the little steps on the way down.

Then we got down to the bottom and we got in the car, we were like, "oh boy, we're gonna hit the bridge". We live on a barrier island, and that's something that I'm always grateful for.

Whenever the bridge goes up, I'm always grateful that I live on a barrier island instead of being upset that the bridge has just messed up where I'm supposed to be.

The other thing I'm really grateful for is it's high season, and there are tourists here everywhere. I am so grateful that people can come to South Florida and enjoy the weather, see the beaches and bring their families.

Instead of being frustrated by the traffic, I was grateful that all of these people get to come enjoy what I know to be true of South Florida. Well, as as long as the angels would have it.

Every time I get in the car, I say thank you angels.

I am so grateful for the love, the nurturing and the safety that you bring me.

Then I always make the intention.

Please get me to my appointment safely and on time and make sure everyone else on the road is safe.

I say that every time I get in my car and I turn it on. So the angels were with us and don't you know, that bridge should have gone up but I'm telling you, they just took us right over that bridge before it went up.

We actually made it 10 minutes early to Jim's appointment.

With everything that happened I couldn't believe it!

It took Jim 20 minutes to get down the stairs, so when we got to his appointment, Jim didn't have the strength to walk himself to the appointment (even with his walker).

No problem!

I went in to get a wheelchair and there were none. I stayed in a space of gratitude and possibility and I went upstairs to find out there were no wheelchairs up there either. They said "go ask the valet".

I asked the valet and there were no wheelchairs that he could get. So I asked "what's possible?"

I went back upstairs one more time, and they were able to pull a wheelchair out of the infusion department so that I could borrow it to go down and get Jim, bring him up, and get him to his infusion right on time.

It was a miracle.

Everything about it was a miracle.

I am convinced it's because I stayed in the flow. Because I chose gratitude. Every single decision went back to gratitude.

So I invite you to embody the energy of gratitude. It is a very high frequency. It doesn't take somebody that's a Reiki Master or a yoga master or an Energy Master to do that. All it takes us intention. 

I intend to be grateful.

I do this all day long.

To be continued.

I found out minutes ago that our elevator is broken; it's missing a part they need to ship in, and they have no idea when it's going to be repaired.

So the energy, the gratitude, our angels, and myself get to figure out how we will get Jim back up those 10 flights of stairs that make the five flights to our home.

And then I've got to get him back at nine o'clock in the morning for his follow up chemo shot after this treatment that he has this afternoon.

So stay tuned!

We will let you know how the energy of gratitude helped us work all of this out and kept the possibilities open. We were able to be successful in the next step which is to get Jim home, getting back upstairs, getting downstairs again tomorrow, go there and come all the way back (probably without an elevator).

I'm also open to the miracle that gratitude gets the elevator fixed by tomorrow.

Here's the gratitude!

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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