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What is 5D?


5D - I talk about it all the time, and people email me and ask "What exactly is 5D"?

5D stands for Fifth Dimension. There are different ways to refer to it. One way, a very ancient way, is to think of Earth as 3D and Heaven as 5D. Another way to describe it is the Celestial Realm and the Earthly Realm, I like these terms.

Yet another way to talk about 5D is to think of it in terms of Levels of Consciousness. This way allows us to actually assign a Frequency Number to it using Dr. David Hawkins's Map of Consciousness

Now you've seen me talk about this before. The scale on the MoC is O to 1000, where certain emotions of consciousness correlate to a certain frequency. For example 20 is Shame, 200 is Courage, and 500 is Love.

I have also channeled Dr. David Hawkins. He and Jesus both, as Ascended Masters, consider a frequency of 500 or above to be 5D; so once you reach that Level of Consciousness - Unconditional Love -  you are literally are expressing the frequencies of the Celestial Realm in the Earthly Realm, or Heaven on Earth.

Now when I'm talking about 5D and 3D, you have three different ways to think about it: Heaven and Earth, Celestial Realm and Earthly Realm, and frequencies on the Map of Consciousness of 500 or above. 

And when you vibrate at 500 or higher, YOU are bringing that 5D Energy to the earth and supporting all of us by raising the Collective Consciousness. Doing so is creating The Shift to where all of humanity gets to function in 5D!

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion, where Everything is Energy!


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