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The Energy of Gratitude Update


This is the energy of gratitude update I promised you.

As you recall, if you don't know go ahead and look at the link below and look at The Energy of Gratitude Vlog that we sent out earlier.

Our elevator is broken in our building, and I had to take Jim to chemo and he ended up walking down all 88 steps to get to the car this morning.

I spoke into the energy of gratitude and the beautiful things that it attracts to us when we exude the energy of gratitude.

So I went to pick up Jim when his chemo was all done, knowing that the elevator was not yet fixed.

My colleague, Rafe, is here working with me in the office today. So I knew that Rafe and I together could somehow get him up those stairs, even if we had to pull his wheelchair up the stairs backwards. So when we got home from chemo today, Jim was in very good spirits.

And he said, "I think I can walk up the stairs". I said, "Oh, honey, are you sure?". And he said, "I want to try."

So come to find out, we had told one of our friends that we were going to be late for our team meeting. She said, "I'm sending energy. I'm sending all of my angels and sending the energy to help Jim get up the stairs."

Well, that in addition to when I got Jim out of the car to walk into our building, a man who doesn't even live there was in our parking lot.

He said, "oh, can I help you?", and I said, "thank you so much for your offer, my friend Rafe is coming down to help us."

He said, "well, you're welcome. Let me know if you need anything."

By the time I got Jim out of the car, one of our friends that live there saw us in the parking lot and came over. He said, "Jim, can I help you up the stairs?", and Jim said "thank you, Russ."

So Russ helped him up the stairs for the first story or two until Rafe could come join us. And then Rafe was able to take over. Then there were people leaving the building coming down the stairs, and they said, "Oh, can we help you?"

There were three people in addition to Rafe and me that offered their help. This energy of gratitude, I'm telling you that when you live in it, it draws all sorts of beautiful experiences to you.

So I really invite you to live in that space of gratitude.

Remember when I said that tomorrow we had to take him back for another appointment?

We now know that the elevator will not be working by tomorrow yet because we're missing a valve and it has to be shipped in.

Well, when he was at chemo, he found out we don't have to go back tomorrow for this follow up chemo shot; it will be Sunday.

There's a very good possibility that the elevator could be fixed by Sunday. So staying in this energy of gratitude and not being upset, I didn't choose the energy of sadness, frustration, resentment or anything that I could have chosen because the elevator wasn't working.

I chose the energy of gratitude to see what's possible and what can work.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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