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We All Benefit


I give myself an energy session every morning before I get out of bed. It usually lasts an hour, sometimes it's 30 minutes, sometimes an hour and a half, it just depends on how early I wake up and how much time I have.

I usually balance my chakras  in the morning. If you know what I'm talking about, great. If you don't--take Quantum Energy Infusion Level One, you can learn about it in Module Five.

So I usually balance my chakras, and I'll do some other work with it, too. I do breath work, and I also bring in the energy of the rays. I also meditate, and oftentimes I pray.

Can you imagine how supercharged that is? To get that kind of energy every morning before I get out of bed?

Then, I have the benefit of living on the ocean. I ground all of that energy really deeply into my body and into the earth. So it's really a beautiful morning routine that I have. I'm very blessed to be able to have this situation.

The point I want to make here is that we all benefit from energy.

As as you know, I have spoken into the fact that my father is ill and my husband is ill. I often send energy to someone else while I'm doing this. So I love to think about acting as proxy. In other words, I asked their permission.

So let's say I was going to work with my friend Rafe. I would ask permission.

From my higher self to Rafe's Higher Self.

Rafe, do I have permission to communicate? Yes.

Rafe--do I have permission to send you energy?

If I get a yes, then I can literally send the energy that I am doing to Rafe through his Higher Self, because energy has no time limits. It has no time or space limits.

Everything is energy.

So it's automatic, it's quantum, and it's beautiful.  

Here's the thing, even if it was my intention to give Rafe the energy session, I'm using my body as the proxy. So I get the benefit of all of it. As I'm doing my morning energy work, If I were to choose somebody to send energy to, I would get the benefits because I am the proxy and it's coming through my body. And they get the benefits because I have gotten their permission.

Energy etiquette and energy hygiene, people!

Getting their permission is energy etiquette, and energy hygiene is being able to disconnect from them when I am done. Those are very important aspects we teach in QEI, and it benefits both of us.

Then if my husband is asleep next to me, it benefits him because he's in my energy field. It also benefits the collective consciousness because I am raising my frequency.

My friend Rafe is raising his frequency, and all of us are exuding out into the collective consciousness, which raises the frequency of the entire planet.

Our goal is to raise the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence. Can you see how much power and excitement and influence there can be from one energy session?

It's magnificent.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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