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A Gentle Way to Counteract Fear and Stress

stress Sep 02, 2020

Here's another energy exercise to counteract stress and fear.

This is one that you can do in the office or you could do in public.

The one from last week was a little obvious for the office!  Click here to see Brain Booster.

Take your right hand and put it over your spleen and pancreas. That means right underneath the left breast and over to the side of your body.

Put your other hand on your right arm, right above the elbow, covering the center channel of your arm.  

We are working with the Spleen and the Triple Warmer meridians.

In Chinese medicine they are a Yin and Yang pair that work together.  They're across the flow wheel from each other, which means that they can support one another and give and take energy from each other.

The Triple Warmer is in charge of your fight or flight response. He's the general that is in charge of keeping you safe.

The Spleen is in charge of metabolizing everything: metabolizing your food; your emotions; your energy; your thoughts; and, your fears.

She's pretty busy. She's Yin Energy.

She's usually pretty calm and Triple Warmer is NOT usually pretty calm.

What we're choosing to do here, by engaging both meridians at the same time, is to bring the calm of the Spleen to the Triple Warmer.

When he's calm, he is not taking energy away from the Spleen.

The intention is to calm Triple Warmer and feed the Spleen. Send loving energy through your hand to your spleen and pancreas.

Take a deep breath and feel the balance that's there.

Feel how you are calmer than when you started this video a minute and a half ago.

It only takes a minute or two to do this.

You can bring calm into your experience. 

You are counteracting stress and fear by calming the Triple Warmer Meridian that governs the fight or flight response. This also helps you feel safe. 

If you have an extra minute or two, switch sides.

Let these two meridians come into balance to support you and your body, and to help you feel safe.

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