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Brain Booster


This is an energy technique to calm fear, and reduce stress. 

It brings blood flow to the front of the brain so you can think in stressful or fearful times. 

It's a Brain Booster! 

Put your right hand on your forehead.

Put your left hand on your solar plexus between your belly button and your sternum.

You have two energy points on your forehead called Neurovascular points. They help bring blood to the front of your brain hence: neuro and vascular.

There are two main Neurovascular points and by putting your hand on your forehead, the energy that you're sending those Neurovasculars literally encourages the blood flow to the frontal lobe.

This is where we have executive function - this is where we think!

My left hand is on the adrenals. They sit right on top of the kidneys and secrete cortisol.

Cortisol is the main hormone that secretes when we get into fight or flight mode. Then all of a sudden we have enough energy to go to our feet, our lower extremities so we can run; or we have enough energy to go to our upper extremities, our chest and our arms so we can fight.

When that happens, we don't have any brain function because all the blood just left the brain to go somewhere else in our body.

This is all about safety. This is about understanding that our primitive man was wired hardwired for safety. So we could stay safe in the primitive times, we needed the burst of cortisol to take rapid action. 

In modern times, we now have all this cortisol running through our bodies when we feel unsafe due to stress. When we actually are safe.

This technique brings the blood flow back to your frontal lobe, it allows you to think. 

Having your hand on your adrenals at the same time, calms them down.  This is also because you have executive function back and you can let them know that you're safe.

Well, in 2020, we aren't feeling so safe. There's a global pandemic,  there's civil unrest, and we have an election coming up this year in the United States.

There's a lot of uncertainty, unpredictability, and we don't feel safe. Our primitive, hard-wired body does not feel safe.

This technique will help you feel safe, and at the same time, it will restore executive function for your brain.

You can think again!

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