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QEI Results


At the end of the year, businesses do numbers.

Numbers are a really important part of business. Now we're an Energy Business; Quantum Energy Infusion is all about raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence.

The way that we do that is by making Energy mainstream.

Quantum Energy Infusion brings the art of energy--the art, beauty, magic, and the multi-dimensionality of Energy to the public; to the normal person that doesn't know about Energy. We teach people how to engage with the Quantum Field, infusing their lives with its intelligence, its vitality, and its power.

Then we teach you about the Energy Systems that are you: your Chakra system, your Meridians, your Auric Field; we go into all sorts of energy systems that you have.

Well, going back to numbers; I have been figuring out how many programs we delivered for 2021, and I want to share our results with you.

We're a startup.

Back in 2019, I started creating the program Quantum Energy Infusion, and I delivered 13 programs in 2019. But the numbers that I want to share with you are what has happened, since 7/7 of 2020.

On 7/7, at seven o'clock, we had our very first group energy session. We had a cohort of seven people that came together. What I want you to know is since then, we have delivered 117 programs in 2021 and 46 in 2020. This means we have delivered 163 programs since July of 2020.

So in spite of the pandemic, and in spite of all the stuff going on around us, our little startup exploded. I think that is so beautiful.

I've got my chart color coded here for level one, level two and level three becauseI built a little eight week level one program, and that was going to be it for Quantum Energy Infusion. People loved it so much they wanted level two. So I built that, and we now have a 12 week level two (those are the green ones). Then we have a four month level three program, and then we have a consultant track.

I could have never imagined this would all happen when I started this in 2019, and yet it has.

All in all, we have delivered 176 programs.

Our little startup.

What's even more important is that we have results; we have verifiable results from these 176 programs. The three results are improved physical health, greater mental clarity, and smoother emotional processing.

We have collected data on all of these people. We've asked dozens of questions of all of them of every module of every program. So we have collected this data and we know it to be true. And it's very exciting to think about a program that's energy based that has results that we can measure. So I'm sharing that with you.

It's the end of the year, and I've been running the numbers. And I'm so excited to report that Quantum Energy Infusion has delivered 176 programs since its inception, and that we have these guaranteed results that we can offer. It's very exciting.

Thank you for being along for the ride. Thank you for helping us raise the collective consciousness for peaceful coexistence.

It's my hope that you'll help us bring energy mainstream; let's do this.

Come sign up for a program, sign up for a call with me, or invite your friends to the vlog. Whatever works for you to help raise the consciousness as you raise your own frequency.

Let's all be doing that, and let's bring our world to a place of peaceful coexistence.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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