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Initiations into 5D | Stand in the Energy


I'm always talking about levels of consciousness, the 5th dimension, the 3rd dimension, and the shift, etc. Quantum Energy Infusion is a 5D company! What that means is that everyone that works for Quantum Energy Infusion is now embodying 5th dimension levels of consciousness. It's our job. We literally live to bring these 5th dimension frequencies into the 3rd dimension realm. Peaceful CoExistence Begins with Me - Click here

One of my guides is an ascended master, Jesus, and he's been talking to me for years and years about this. He uses dimensional terms. He also uses the terms: celestial realm and the earthly realm. I like that! He also uses heaven and earth to describe all of this. He uses all of those terms interchangeably.

So if you like heaven on earth, that's a pretty cool way to think about it (if that language works for you). If you're kind of allergic to that kind of language, try embodying 5th-dimensional levels of consciousness in your 3rd-dimensional body to bring it to the earth to ground it. 

Quantum Energy Infusion is 5D. Everything we teach is 5D. Even the frequency of our Level 1 program is 500, which means it's a 5th dimension frequency. 

When you begin to partake in our Level 1, you are literally bringing 5th dimension frequencies into your 3rd dimension experience. Quantum Energy Infusion is not the only way you can do this, but I invite you to listen to the thought leaders that are out there talking about physical Ascension, The Great Awakening, or however else they're describing it. We call it The Shift here because that's what Jesus calls it with me and he's called it that long before the shift started (especially the way it started in 2020).

I've been preparing for this for years and doing the work that he has asked me to do. Mary of Magdala is my strongest healing guide, and she has been with me for years! She has been preparing me with initiations that I've been receiving from both Mary of Magdala and Jesus; they are energetic initiations.  These multiple initiations have brought me to these higher frequencies where they want me to be to teach what I'm teaching so I can bring it to the planet. If that sounds a little out there for you, that's okay. You can let it go. 

What's happening now: The cosmic energies are matching the energy of those initiations that I received decades ago. It's possible for you to literally stand in the energy and be willing to receive it! Click here for 11/11 Oneness

You can have access to those same high frequencies that I had access to all of those years ago when I began my initiations to do the work I'm doing now. Right now, they're available to everyone!

Receive them, receive them freely, and have the intention to bring them in for good. It's time.

It's time for us to shift as a collective, and it doesn't take everybody… It only takes enough of us to create the shift to bring that level of consciousness, and everyone else comes with us.
How cool is that?! 

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy.

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