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Infused Guidance


It's October, and our Infused Intention for this month is Guidance.

We can receive guidance, and we can be the guide.

Receiving Guidance. I spend a lot of my time receiving guidance from the Intelligence of the Energy. That's how I like to speak about it, because I am an Energy Practitioner and I do bring in these ideas.

The Intelligence of the Energy informs me when it's time for something new to be brought to Earth and be birthed on the planet.

Oftentimes it comes through me.

I like to use those words, because I am a woman, I understand gestation, I have been pregnant, and I have birthed children. So I very much associate what I do with the Intelligence of the Energy and bringing in these ideas around birthing.

So how do I get that Guidance from the Intelligence of the Energy?

I become very quiet and I listen. I might just go out in nature to walk quietly, so that I can listen. I might simply ground myself without walking and literally feel the Yin Energy of the Earth come up into me, and the Yang Energy of the Sun come into me, and experiencing that yin-yang balance.

I find that when I'm aware, my monkey mind stops because it's all about Energy at that point. And the Guidance that I am receiving is Energy.

Everything is Energy.

Consciousness is energy. Emotions are energy. So as you are receiving Guidance, it can come in. Intuition can express itself in many ways.

  • Maybe you're a visual person, and maybe you get an image in your mind's eye.
  • Or maybe you're an auditory person, and you literally hear a stream of words come in, or a melody.
  • Maybe you're a physical person and you literally feel it in a part of your body.

So know that any of those hits that you get can be Guidance, whether they're coming from your Guides, coming from Divine Mind, God, Angels, Galactical beings, or whatever resonates with you.

Guides can be of this dimension. They can be living guides, they can be Ascended Master guides that have gone on, or they can be Galactical beings. Who says it just has to be your teacher or a mentor or God?

It can be all of these different sources of Intelligence, and Energy, and Goodness.

So our Infused intention is Guidance. Here are some examples that our team has put together.

  1. I am open to the Wisdom of my Guides as they clearly communicate with me.
  2. As a Guide, my actions show the way for others.
  3. I am connected and willingly open to receive all that my Guides have to offer me. Their guidance is instilled with clarity.

There are three ideas of affirmations around Guidance. Develop your own, write it down, and stay with it.

Infuse it with your Energy. Infuse it with your desires and share it with your friends and see what they write.

You can hold your Guidance, your Infused Intention, and their Infused Intention. Then all of a sudden, you have exponentially increased the Energy of your Infused Intention.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion-- where Everything is Energy!

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