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The Pyramid Code


I count on the Intelligence of the Energy to inform me at all times.

I especially count on the Intelligence of the Energy to inform me when I am channeling, when I am downloading a message, when I am facilitating a program for Quantum Energy Infusion, or when I am conducting an energy session on a client.

One of my goals is to live in the constant stream, in the Quantum now, connected to 5D; connected to the Intelligence of the Energy through my higher-self, through my guides, and my eternal essential self.

Having said that, last week when I was filming your 11/11 vlog, I was preparing myself and setting the intention right before we filmed the video. I'd already done my research about it; I already knew what I was going to say, and I was connecting to my higher-self, and into the Intelligence of the Energy.

While I was doing that, my arms went up, and I couldn't move my arms. They were pointing upwards in the shape of a triangle. There was actually a...

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