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Infusing your Home



Our Infused Intention for December is Home.

My home is a place of tranquility and renewal. I fill my home with love and gratitude, such that all who enter it feel comfortable and at ease.

These are from our Quantum Energy Infusion Consultants.

This body is my home for this incarnation. It has lived all over the world in a variety of houses and cities. I brought my home with me, every place I moved.

Another one,

I intentionally honor the sacred space of home for myself and others, as we love grow and support each other, and our planet.

And the fourth one,

My heart is home with serving humanity.

What a wide variety of energies about home! 

Think about that! All the way from my body temple being the only home I need, to me being at home in my heart when I'm serving humanity. And then the others speak to the actual structure of the house that is our home.

That's a wide variety of energies and all are valid.

What's your energy around home? Does it mean your body? Does it mean even in this incarnation? Or is it your soul? Is it where your eternal essential self resides? Think how big this is.

Home is an energetic connection and it's what you resonate with.

So does that mean that you're connected to people of like mind? Does that mean you're connected to people biologically and genetically? Or does it mean that you live in a home, or even in a polycule where people are there for like minded reasons--for love or respect?

Last month's intention was Family. We did not expect to go from family to home; we test with the Intelligence of the Energy what the Infused Intention for every month is.

I'm always surprised by it. I don't know why I'm surprised, I just am. I have some ideas about what I think it ought to be. Then we test all of those and get a "no". And then something new totally comes in, and that's what's supposed to represent it for this month. For this month of December, Home came in.

I want to be very clear that there can be different energies around home. I have friends that grew up in a home that was not safe for them. I understand that. That energy gets to be honored just as well as a safe energy gets to be honored. Or not even thinking of home as a structure, but simply thinking of it as an Energy; that we are Home.

Being in our body, being in this body temple, in this experience, on this Earth Plane is its own kind of Home. And then it's your connection to the other dimensions; to your higher self.

Remember, it's not just 3D anymore. It's your connection to your higher self that resides with you in this home.

It's a lot to think about.

What do you want to say about the Energy of Home? I invite you to write it down and speak into it every day for the month of December.

You may have a new one for each week and you may share it with somebody else you live with.

You may share it with your best friend and have them write one, or you could come join the QEI Community and be a part of our Infused Intentions every month. Once you're a graduate of QEI, you get to become a part of our Community.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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