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Group Energy Quantum Style


During one of our Level 1 Quantum Energy Infusion group energy sessions on March 20, one of the participants said "I just had some kind of Energy Infusion occur".  

At that moment we were working with the chakra system, and there were probably 12 people in the group. She asked me if I could explain what just happened to her. I said YES!  It was the same thing that happened to me a few days earlier. I actually did a video about this.

It was the energy of the Spring Equinox

This participant in our program experienced a Light Infusion that had to do with the Spring Equinox energies. The higher frequencies she felt had come in and we were working with her system.

She literally felt the energies flowing in through her chakras, which is different than how I experienced them just a few days earlier when I was out on my balcony. She asked me to speak into it and to share it with the group.

I love how energy informs us. I love how the Intelligence of the...

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Grab the Energy!


Do you have a lot going on in your life?

I sure do!

I am running an exponentially growing company that is continuously expanding in a myriad of directions. I am teaching. I am taking care of my elderly parents. I am a mother, a wife, and so much more!

At an age when most people decide to go into retirement, I started a second career.

I have so much going on, that sometimes I literally don't know what steps to take next. In those cases I pour myself into the present moment by taking a great big handful of the Quantum Field. I open up my chest, I reach upwards, I pull that Energy right into my heart and lung area.

Think about it. The Quantum Field is the fabric of the Universe. It is the Energy in which we live, move, and have our Being. It knows all. 

So when I don't know what to do first because I have 40+ things going on, I ask the Energy

I grab a handful of the Q-Field, and pull the quantum energy right into my aura, into my Being. From there it...

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Clear Toxins from Pills and Medications


Whenever we take medications in our house, we energize them!

If you saw the last weeks vlog on Vitamins and Supplements, you saw how I energized the ones that I take daily.

We can even take that a step further.

Pro Energy Tip: If you use prescription drugs, you might want to release any energetic, toxic-signatures that are in them!

These are not organic fruits or veggies you're putting in your mouth. These are manmade substances; made by machines, which come in contact with all kinds of things before they get to you.

I'm going to show you what I do when we get this big bottle of pills for my husband, Jim. Jim has a diagnosis of stage four cancer. This is one of the prescriptions which comes once a month. I'm going to show you what I do when they arrive and I get them out of the big FedEx box.

The first thing we do is get it out of the box and and open the bottle. I want you to see what that it has not been opened until now. Next I'm going to do is start...

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