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Step out of Uncertainty

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

The energy of uncertainty

  • of not knowing
  • of hoping something will be one way
  • and yet we don't know how it's going to be
  • It's very unsettling
  • It knocks me off balance
  • I have a difficult time being productive or thinking well when I feel uncertain

What I do in times of uncertainty is I choose a different thought.

I literally choose a different frequency or a different level of consciousness to stabilize me during uncertain times.

Dr. David Hawkins, on his map of consciousness chart, has these levels of consciousness laid out according to frequency.

When we're in a place of apathy or anger, where anger is 150, it doesn't feel very good. 

What if we stepped up into courage at 200?

Or what if you stepped up into neutrality at 250?

What if instead of being uncertain, you could choose a place of neutrality?

And stay in that energy to bring yourself back into balance.

And if you can do neutrality, step up into willingness because willingness is the next level of frequency above that.

I am willing to be willing to have a different thought.

When we can be willing, there are new possibilities in front of us!

Remember we live in a quantum field where there are an infinite number of possibilities and that energy is available AND you can step into it.

If you're already at willing, step into acceptance - that's the next one up.

I accept what's happening!

Above that is reason.

Then love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.

Remember that the Declaration of Independence locks in at that 700 number - the number of enlightenment, of freedom, of power.

Let's continue to hold the space through these uncertain times

  • for goodness
  • for peace
  • for resolution
  • for reason

If you can step out of that uncertainty, allow yourself to step into a higher frequency that will bring you balance; that will bring you peace.

We're doing this for us here in the United States.

Everything you do literally raises the level of the collective consciousness.

My vision is that our collective consciousness will be one of Peaceful CoExistence.

What if we started that in America?

What if the United States of America was the first country to bring Peaceful CoExistence forth?!?

Then we can affect the entire collective.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy!

If you are interested in stepping out of uncertainty, book a free call with us to discover the #1 thing that will shift your energy. 


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