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Personal Triggers


We're still in the month of May.

This is the month of Growth, and we still have one more Eclipse.

Yes, it's all happening.

Growth, growth, growth!

If you have something happen, and all of a sudden you're triggered, you were more than likely triggered by the collective as well. At that point, you're probably like, "I don't even know what I'm upset about!"

Take a moment and get centered in what you're feeling.

It's about emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. Growth comes from us; acknowledging what we are feeling right here, right now.

My guess is you're being triggered by something that's in the collective, or something that you're experiencing. Let's think about my experience with my husband and hospice. By the way, my whole family is here visiting. How cool is that? For my husband to be awake and enjoy everybody's presence.

You want to talk about being triggered? How about having four generations of family in 975 square feet--that's a great opportunity to be triggered. You know, I love what Ram Dass said, "if you think you're enlightened, go spend 10 days with your family."

I love that! It gives us this opportunity to revisit all of the ideas, all of the teachings, beliefs, and all of the tribal experiences that we have from growing up with our family.

If you're being triggered, then you get to run the energy of that. Energy in motion. This emotion--acknowledge it, admit it, bring your light to it, bring your awareness to it. This is how we process emotion.

And then your frequency--the frequency of your body is higher than the frequency of that energy. Run the energy! Your body suit is a combustion engine for running energy, processing it, and transmuting it out.

Two weeks ago I talked about these 5D energies coming in--this divine feminine consciousness that I'm seeing as rose gold, shimmery pink, incredible energy that's coming in. That transmutes it instantly.

That comes into your awareness, you feel it, and you acknowledge it. You can't spiritually bypass this. You feel it, you acknowledge it, you bring it into your awareness, and then boom, those 5D energies alchemize it just like that, and you have done the work for yourself. And you have also done the work for the collective.

So back to the original statement that I made--you may be feeling this because there's something in your life that's happening, and I guarantee it's happening in the collective too, or this whole thing wouldn't be activating, right?

You're watching this because you're a Lightworker, because you are here to be a part of the shift and to be a leader in the shift, and go ahead and run the energy for the collective.

If you don't think you have time, guess what? You just did it anyway by running the energy of that emotion.

Remember,  you can do a Central Vessel Release.

You can do these beautiful Infinity Weaves! I love using the Infinity weave to help me move energy; it knocks it out of your Auric Field, it brings them from your Chakra System into your field, it does about 12 things, quite frankly, when you're doing the Infinity weave.

Let's not forget, if it's really getting you to go ahead and do the Quantum Chop. Just move that energy through your body. You doing that benefits the collective, it simply does. Because you have raised your frequency, you have released or alchemized that lower vibrating frequency out your body suit. It's now operating at a higher vibration, which means expressing as a higher frequency through your auric field and out into the collective thereby raising the collective consciousness. So you've done it whether you're thinking about the collective or not.

Now, if you want to take some more time and say "wow, that was really something! You know what? I'm going to take a few minutes (or 10 minutes or a half an hour), and I'm going to go ahead and run some energies for the collective.

Let that come in. Go ahead and experience it.

You may have some old incarnations come up; I mean past lives, you may have that happen. You may have an awareness of a recent experience in the public that comes to mind and you end up running the energy of that.

Trust yourself. Trust your intuition and trust the energy. The intelligence of the energy is informing you because you are standing there as an open willing vessel to alchemize this energy, thereby raising the collective consciousness to peaceful co-existence.

Why not?

You get the benefit of all the energy that just went through for the collective.

It's a win, win, win, win win, right? Everybody wins.

That's one of the beautiful things about energy. Everyone is it, and is touched by it, and gets the benefits of it.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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