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Processing Energies


I had a complete breakdown, break through, and break open in April. I spoke into that last week.

It opened me up to a new way to process energies.

I want to talk about this because there are a lot of us who are empaths, sensitive, pick up on other people's energies, or we feel the heaviness of the world right now; any of those things that might be happening to you.

Even if you just feel funny, and you don't know why, it's probably because you're carrying other people's energies.

What I want to talk about is the energies that we're working in.

First of all, the energies right now have never been experienced by humankind before; the current state of the planets and the cosmos and everything that's happening--we have higher frequencies available to us now than we've had in 10,000 years  (since Atlantis).

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

The other thing that I want to talk about is that we are coming up on a total lunar eclipse, and we've got a full moon on Saturday.

This total lunar eclipse--you know, that usually means changes. And full moons--a lot of times I like to think about the clarity that comes with the full moon.

When I have clarity, I pray for courage to act on the clarity I get with the full moon. And then sweeping changes, as you know, do come with lunar eclipses (any kind of eclipse).

What I'm saying is, we are stepping into even more shifting kinds of energies. I'm going to use the word tumultuous in this sense, because they can shift us and move us out of our comfort zone into someplace we've never been before.

The way that I am working with energy now is for the collective. When I've worked heavy or dark shadow energy for myself, I have brought it in, I have processed it, brought the shadow to my attention, and processed the energy of that shadow.

Let's say it's abandonment. I have processed the energy of that abandonment, feeling it in my body and then giving it to the mother earth so that she can transmute it for us.

She has done that so beautifully for eons now, and what I'm learning with these 5D energies is that we can bring in the 5D energy to help us process these energies, and we can still integrate them into our awareness.

The 5D-ness of the energy literally transmutes those darker energies into light.  

Think about that--your body is the generator that does that. The frequency of your body, and the frequency of 5D energies are higher than the frequency of shamegrief, abandonment, or bereavement.

Know that you have the capabilities to incinerate, transmute, or alchemize those lower vibrating frequencies. Then, they can simply be released and you can turn them out to the universe.

Another way to think about it, if you're not so sure about this alchemization process, is you can simply release them to the field and they will be neutralized. The quantum field will neutralize those lower vibrating frequencies.

The reason I'm speaking into this is because as you know, I have been processing shadow for womankind for a long time.

I have built this funnel of energy where I take the shadow for womankind and process it for the collective.

For example, let's take the grief womankind has experienced--since she has sent all of the men to war, right? Her fathers, her brothers, her sons, her uncles, all of the men in her life that matter that go off to war and the grief that's involved with that.

When I say shadow, that's the kind of heaviness that I'm talking about that I am processing for the collective and for womanhood specifically. I have been doing this for a long time. I bring it in, I process the energies, I feel the sadness, I feel the grief, I feel the despair, and then I give it to Mother Earth for her to process to clear it through my body.

What's come into me in the last two weeks since my break down, break open and break through, is that the way that I can do this now is more like a funnel.

I am like an open funnel of 5D energies of the light that comes in. It's time for me to process the shadow, which I still choose to do, by the way, because it's in the collective and it gets to go because it's not a part of our 5D New Earth in which we are stepping into.

When these 5D energies come in, they allow me to transmute or alchemize this shadow into light, and it literally disperses into the field because it's already turned into light. I no longer have this tap root of these dark, heavy shadow energies going into the Earth and feeding into the Earth.

This way, the only thing Mother Earth gets from me is the 5D energies coming through my body. This is a new way for us to process shadow, especially shadow for the collective in these enormous overwhelming feelings of sadness, abandonment, loss, or grief, especially those kinds of really strong emotions that womanhood has carried for eons.

I know that's a lot, so maybe you could watch this again. The point of this is we are stepping into a 5D New Earth, and we now have 5D energies to support us and alchemize or transmute energies in a new way that turns that dark energy into light.

You can send that light into Mother Earth and feed her with it, or you can release it into the field around (your auric field) and out into the quantum field.

Any way you look at it, it's better for the Earth, and it's better for you. Use this new 5D energy that's available to all of us now.

Stay awake and stay alert to all these new energies that are coming in. They affect our body suit; they really do make a difference in our body. Just be aware--and when you feel funny, get some extra rest, exercise, drink more water, go meditate, take a rest, scream into a pillow, or do like I do and just break open. Let that primal scream come right out of you so it can be released and neutralized and turned into light.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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