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Processing Energies


I had a complete breakdown, break through, and break open in April. I spoke into that last week.

It opened me up to a new way to process energies.

I want to talk about this because there are a lot of us who are empaths, sensitive, pick up on other people's energies, or we feel the heaviness of the world right now; any of those things that might be happening to you.

Even if you just feel funny, and you don't know why, it's probably because you're carrying other people's energies.

What I want to talk about is the energies that we're working in.

First of all, the energies right now have never been experienced by humankind before; the current state of the planets and the cosmos and everything that's happening--we have higher frequencies available to us now than we've had in 10,000 years  (since Atlantis).

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true.

The other thing that I want to talk about is that we are coming up on a total lunar eclipse, and we've got a full moon on...

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Energy is Changing All Around Us - We Can Help Process It!

processing energy Sep 30, 2020

We are living in a time of great change in 2020. 

Energy is changing all around us.

The energy of life as we knew it no longer exists.

A New Energy, a New Earth, a new life is emerging.

What an exciting time to be alive!

Fortunately, you can deal with energy, your body is an energy processing plant!

My husband was a chemical engineer for 45 years and he built process plants.

These plants took natural gas out of the earth as a vapor and processed it - cryogenically processed it - so it came out a liquid gas. 

It was converted from a vapor into a liquid. 

Your body can convert energy also. 

During this massive time of transformation, there are dark, heavy, old paradigms and old belief systems that are coming up to be healed. 

They have to do with very dark energies: the energy of oppression; the energy of rape; the energy of trafficking; and, the energy of inequality.

These are old energies that no longer serve us as humanity.

Let's Process These Old Energies...

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Your Body's an Energy Processing Plant!

processing energy Sep 09, 2020

Your body is an energy processing plant!

Your body knows how to process the energy in the world around you:

  • from the inside of your body
  • to the interactions you have with other people
  • from the way that you experience the world
  • to how you feel the collective consciousness

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; but, it can be converted from one state to another.

Your body is just that processing plant that can convert energy. It can:  

  • process it
  • transform it
  • transmute it
  • alchemize it
  • it can change energy from one state to another

Why do we care?  Because humanity is in the middle of this Shift.  

We are having a Shift in Consciousness.  

Humanity is up-leveling itself in Levels of Consciousness.

Consciousness is energy:

  • your thoughts
  • feelings
  • behaviors
  • actions
  • belief systems
  • emotions

All of that is energy, and that is the energy YOU express as a consciousness.

Everybody else on the planet expresses their energy,...

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