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Your Body's an Energy Processing Plant!

processing energy Sep 09, 2020

Your body is an energy processing plant!

Your body knows how to process the energy in the world around you:

  • from the inside of your body
  • to the interactions you have with other people
  • from the way that you experience the world
  • to how you feel the collective consciousness

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy is neither created nor destroyed; but, it can be converted from one state to another.

Your body is just that processing plant that can convert energy. It can:  

  • process it
  • transform it
  • transmute it
  • alchemize it
  • it can change energy from one state to another

Why do we care?  Because humanity is in the middle of this Shift.  

We are having a Shift in Consciousness.  

Humanity is up-leveling itself in Levels of Consciousness.

Consciousness is energy:

  • your thoughts
  • feelings
  • behaviors
  • actions
  • belief systems
  • emotions

All of that is energy, and that is the energy YOU express as a consciousness.

Everybody else on the planet expresses their energy, too.

There's 7.7 billion of us on the planet right now.

That's a lot of consciousness!

That's a lot of energy!  

Humanity is up leveling its consciousness.

Let's go back to the fact that you're an energy processing plant.

I can uplevel my energy to uplevel the consciousness.

My body as an energy processing plant can transform heavier denser darker energies into light.

  • Think of a dark intense energy like shame.
  • That's a very low vibrating level of consciousness.
  • I can experience that shame I can let it flood through my body.
  • Remember, the emotion is not me, it's energy.
  • I am not shame.
  • I am experiencing the energy of shame.
  • I am processing it through my energetic body processing plant and turning it into light.
  • I'm transmuting it, I'm transforming it. I'm alchemizing it.

I am processing a lower form of energy into a different state, into a higher state, a higher frequency.

This changes everything!

If you felt that you had no control over what was happening in your life - now  you do you have some control! 

You can take the energy that is you and uplevel it. 

You can take the energy that you're receiving from the collective -  and transmute it.

You can help the with the massive transformation that's happening right now in our world.

This massive shift in consciousness that's happening to humanity,

You can show up with your energy processing plant and transmute these lower vibrating frequencies into higher vibrating states of consciousness.

This is so powerful! 

And it's very exciting to know that we can contribute to the collective!

If this resonates with you, set up a free call with Connie. Book a Breakthrough Session to learn more about your Energy Processing Plant!


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