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Empaths & Lightworkers


Are you overwhelmed by all the energies right now in 2021?

I mean when you think about what's happening in our lives; when you think about the fact that we live in this COVID pandemic world, in this extreme political environment... Wherever you are living, it is most likely a highly charged space.

Currently we also have all of these new energy codes coming in from the cosmic alignment of the planets. There is so much going on in our world right now!

And if you are an Empath, or if you are any kind of a Lightworker - someone who is here to help others - you are probably feeling all this even more intensely.

Personally, when I am feeling something so strongly, I have a hard time functioning. As long as I am feeling all of this stuff from this person over here, and that person over there, I am overwhelmed by all of their feelings. As long as I am as a Lightworker I am completely stressed out about issues like - how the heck are we going to change the world?

Even if I know why I'm here, know my purpose, it can still feel overwhelming! The amount I expect from myself, still gives me anxiety. 

It still paralyzes me sometimes!

Maybe this is not you, but it sure is me. I can get drained - completely depleted energetically - in this pandemic world.

Now there is also a beautiful part here due to the pandemic. It is The Shift! It is what's possible because the pandemic has happened?

People are waking up! 

And a lot of what you're feeling is THAT energy. The energy of people waking up and trying to figure out what the heck is going on?

And as they are waking up, it is US, the Empaths, the Lightworkers that are going to support them. Us letting our lights shine, no matter how much we feel when we are absorbing. No matter how overwhelmed, or anxious, or tired we are. 

When I feel like I am drowning and cannot focus my own thoughts or feelings, one of the tools I know and use is The Quantum Chop.

This beautiful Quantum Chop is a way to help you get pulled out of that overwhelming feeling where you are empathizing so much. It brings me into the Quantum Moment. It starts to move the energies in my body, making them flow along the correct pathways.

It is also a great way for me to stop all the noise that is going on in my mind, and bring attention back to my body. Bring attention and intention to this now moment. 

This is so important! Because it is ONLY in this NOW MOMENT that we have any power. 

We need you contributing your higher frequencies to the Collective as we continue to shift the Collective Consciousness to Peaceful Coexistence. Because it's time!

It is time for The Shift! And it IS happening. 

Stay strong. Stay committed. And use these energetic tips and tricks to keep your energy clean and strong.

We need YOUR gifts! We need YOUR light! Because YOU matter.

We are so powerful together! 

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy!


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