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Had enough? Here are 3 Energy Tips


Are you done?

Are you done with the holidays?

It's been a lot, hasn't it? Plus all these frequencies coming in.

Or maybe you love the holidays, and you want everything to continue and you wish it could go on for a month!

Wherever you are on that spectrum from one end to the other, I got a few energy pro-tips to help you through.

Do a Central Vessel Release.

  1. Tap on the lower belly.
  2. Pull up that activated energy toward your lower lip.
  3. Fling that energy off your lower lip and send it outward. Make sure to breathe.
  4. When tapping on your lower abdomen, use the affirmation "I release what no longer serves me" as you continue to pull up and out.

Do The Karate Chop 

  1. Imagine one of your hands being a wooden board.
  2. Take your other hand and "strike the board" (along the lateral part of your hand) continuously. 
  3. As an alternative, you can squeeze or push on the side of your hand to release energy. Be sure to do this on both sides, and remember to move your body while doing using this tool!

If you are really [energetically] reversed there's a term in Energy Medicine called Correct Psychological Reversal.

  1. Do the karate chop on one hand.
  2. Tap under your nose for a few moments.
  3. Tap under your lip for a few moments.
  4. Do the karate chop with the other hand.

These tools bring your energy back to life so that you can be more present at this moment, and are able to get your energy flowing in the right direction again.

The Central Vessel Release helps to process [energy] at that very moment.

The Karate Chop is a useful tool when you just need a quick moment so you don't explode.

And then when you've really had it and you need to reset, you can do Correct Psychological Reversal.

These three tips will help get you through what's left of the holidays--for any family that still may be visiting your house, anybody that's traveling, anyone missing their family, or anybody that just really doesn't dig the holidays because it's been a drag.

To all of you,

We express the greatest amount of love.

We express gratitude.

And remember, everything is energy.

Are you feeling different with all of the light coming in? Feeling signs of frequency acceleration? Set up a call to discover the #1 thing you can do to balance your energy. 



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