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Empaths & Lightworkers


Are you overwhelmed by all the energies right now in 2021?

I mean when you think about what's happening in our lives; when you think about the fact that we live in this COVID pandemic world, in this extreme political environment... Wherever you are living, it is most likely a highly charged space.

Currently we also have all of these new energy codes coming in from the cosmic alignment of the planets. There is so much going on in our world right now!

And if you are an Empath, or if you are any kind of a Lightworker - someone who is here to help others - you are probably feeling all this even more intensely.

Personally, when I am feeling something so strongly, I have a hard time functioning. As long as I am feeling all of this stuff from this person over here, and that person over there, I am overwhelmed by all of their feelings. As long as I am as a Lightworker I am completely stressed out about issues like - how the heck are we going to change the world?

Even if I...

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11/11 Oneness


The energy of Oneness

I've had this on my business card for five years now.

" We are all one race, the human race created equally and unified by the energetic field that vibrates through every living thing on the planet.

The human race.
I have never been more reminded about the importance of the oneness of the human race, than by this political race that we've experienced in the United States in 2020.


Talk about being divided.

Talk about polar opposites

Talk about energy so much energy being spent on this race!

And the bottom line is, we're all Americans.

We're all human beings and humanity is going through this shift in consciousness right now, this up leveling in consciousness.

It's about all of us human beings. It's not about Americans or Africans, or people from China, or Republicans or Democrats or if you're from the north or from the south.

It's about all of us - all of humanity is up leveling.

Let's remember about the energy of oneness; the power of oneness; and...

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