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Stressed out? Gather in your energy.

get centered Nov 24, 2020

Are you feeling off?   Out of balance?   Maybe even stressed out?

Whew, I am with all the energy that's that's happening right now in 2020!

I have a technique that helps me gather the energy all back in.

I'm going to share this with you today.

The Energy taught me how to do this; the Intelligence of the Energy informed me and taught me this technique.

When I'm feeling out of balance, or even to the point of stressed out or anxious,  I love to bring the energy back in.

To do this, I reach up to scoop an entire handful of the quantum field, and bring it right in to the top of my head. There's an energy center there. 

Then I take a breath and I bring that energy to the forehead. There's another energy center there.

I take another breath and I bring it down to my throat. That's your throat chakra.

Breath in again bringing the energy to your heart center. Really feel that!

With another breath in, I bring it to my solar plexus. Notice how my hands point out from this spot.

Take another breath in to pull  it down to the Sacral Chakra - the second energy center. Here my hands point out and down.

The last breath in brings it all the way down to my root chakra. My hands point straight down to the earth. 

I think about the root chakra energy going all the way into the earth.

Once I've done that, I do it again to bring it in through energy centers 7, 6, then 5 and let it rest in 4.

I feel that LifeForce energy coming into my life force highway; that beautiful channel of energy goes the full length of our body into the earth and even extends above our body.

The Energy informed me of this in my busy life and between being a parent and a grandparent and having aging parents.

I lead a life where oftentimes I am responsible energetically for four generations of my family.

So I send a lot of remote energy treatments or remote energy sessions.

Over the years when I was preparing myself to step out of my busy life into that quiet, sacred space of doing a remote session, the energy literally taught me this  energy technique.

When I open myself up to the Energy, the Intelligence had me bring the quantum energy in and through all of my energy centers.

Sometimes it goes fast.  It doesn't need to go as slow as when I was explaining it.

Wthin 30 seconds, the energy has channeled itself down through my lifeforce highway and centered itself in me, pulling me back in.

It pulls all of the scattered parts of me back in from my busy day, from my children,  my parents, my husband, and brings that all back into me.

I invite you to use this technique.

You don't need to be ready to send a remote energy session to use it. How about you just need to be alive in 2020, to have this work for you!

Really enjoy bringing this energy into your system centering you, filling you up, and gathering you in.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy.

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