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Accelerating Frequencies Expanded


How I processed the energy of the winter solstice as we are still in the energy of the winter solstice: Last week, I talked about my experience with time collapsing on 12/21/2020. I left that experience after having been with my family for dinner and then went into facilitating a group energy session for Quantum Energy Infusion later on that night. How cool was that, right?
We had their final Quantum Energy Infusion program energy session on the night of the winter solstice! Whooo! It was highly charged!
On Zoom, I was starting to facilitate the session and had all kinds of technical difficulties. You can imagine how high my frequency was! The computer was really struggling with my energy.
We finally got plugged in, and two of my consultants were able to get everything set up with the technology.

Then when I came in, I realized that I wasn't all there and that I was so expanded out, that I did not have a lot of cognitive function.

It hadn't been a problem when I was eating dinner with...

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There's alotta Light right now!

grounding light Dec 07, 2020

We are living in an energetic time right now. For the next several weeks, there's a lot of energy coming into the planet.

  • On November 29 we had a solar flare.
  • On November 30 we had a lunar eclipse.
  • There will be a solar eclipse on December 14
  • On the winter solstice, December 21, two things will be happening 
    • the apex of the solar flare,  
    • our first Christmas star since 1226. It's  been hundreds of years, since Jupiter and Saturn have come so close that they'll appear to be the Christmas Star.

That is a lot of energy y'all!

This solar flare that we had on November 29 knocked me on my butt. I didn't know it happened.

All I knew was that I was exhausted. My body was so lethargic I could hardly get anything done. I was visiting my grandchildren who are three and five, who are a little balls of energy, and I wanted to be so energetic for them. However, I felt like I'd been hit by a Mack truck.

It wasn't until two days later that I found out about the...

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Functioning in the New Normal: Grounding

grounding new normal Jul 08, 2020
Functioning in the new normal requires grounding.  You've got to be grounded and fully in your body to be able to effectively manage your energies. 

The quickest way to ground is always to take a breath! See that Vlog here: Fill'erUp!

This time we're going to visualize your body as a tree to fully ground with the Mother Earth energy and the Father Sun energies.

Imagine from your hips down you are a tree trunk.  Put your ankles together, your feet together, your knees together creating a tree trunk from your hips down. 

Get your feet in contact with the floor or the ground outside.  Spread out your toes. Feel the ball mounds of your feet. Rock back on your heels to get your weight dispersed. Tuck your pelvis. 

Visualize a tap root growing down from your spine. From your tailbone, those energies go right down through the trunk of your body down into the earth.

Imagine it going into the soil, through the water table, going down into bedrock, and going...

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