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Accelerating Frequencies Expanded


How I processed the energy of the winter solstice as we are still in the energy of the winter solstice: Last week, I talked about my experience with time collapsing on 12/21/2020. I left that experience after having been with my family for dinner and then went into facilitating a group energy session for Quantum Energy Infusion later on that night. How cool was that, right?
We had their final Quantum Energy Infusion program energy session on the night of the winter solstice! Whooo! It was highly charged!
On Zoom, I was starting to facilitate the session and had all kinds of technical difficulties. You can imagine how high my frequency was! The computer was really struggling with my energy.
We finally got plugged in, and two of my consultants were able to get everything set up with the technology.

Then when I came in, I realized that I wasn't all there and that I was so expanded out, that I did not have a lot of cognitive function.

It hadn't been a problem when I was eating dinner with the family, having dessert, doing dishes, and it didn't matter that I didn't have any linear cognitive function.
When I got in that room, I realized that I was so far expanded out.
I was able to share that with the participants in our program, that experience that I had just had, and how expanded I was.

Then it was very difficult for me to think in a linear fashion.
So I said to them, "Would you like me to step down, and one of my consultants can run the energy session?” and they said “no” because we were all pretty fascinated by the experience that I was having, which was that I had been expanded out in a holographic experience!

We went on and we did the energy work. I kept slipping out!

I did all I could do to stay in my brain to facilitate the energy session in some kind of meaningful, logical way as the energy was coming in so much that it just wanted to do what it wanted to do through me.
It was a very interesting two hours spent in our energy session. Over the course of the energy session, I was able to bring the energies in and ground myself.

That was the most profound experience I have had so far with signs of my frequency accelerating!

I know I've been talking about it, and I know you've been hearing about it. The thing is, I had this profound experience while I was in a professional situation where we were literally able to document it on film because we film our energy sessions. Through the course over two hours, I was able to bring that back in and ground the energy into the earth.
It's fascinating!

What I want you to know is that when you feel out there, the energies are still here. It's not like they showed up on the winter solstice, and then they went away… They're here!

If you are open to this--If you are a lightworker or are anyone who's trying to do work for the collective, you are open to these higher frequencies!

You may be experiencing unusual signs right?

You know that you're dizzy, that you have vertigo, that you're lightheaded, that you have a headache, or that you're not thinking clearly (you might call it brain fog). If you have any of those signs, check!
Do some body testing and check and see if it's an energy sign of your frequency accelerating!
If it is, it's very simple: you ground yourself.
You bring those high frequencies and gather them back into yourself. We've talked about centering and grounding. We've got all kinds of videos on this! Click here for a centering video.

Bring that energy back into yourself and get grounded through your body into the earth. Click here for the grounding vlog.

That's the quickest way that you can bring those signs to a close so that you can stand and function in your power again fully in the present moment. 

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy.

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