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Centering and Reclaiming Your Energy

centering new normal Jul 15, 2020


Functioning in the new normal requires centering our energies.

We literally have a central channel of energy that runs all the way up and down our body right in front of our spine.

It's like a highway going both ways - energies come up and energies go down.

This central channel of energy, not only can go up and down it also can go in and out. That actually happens through our chakras, the wheels of energy that spin it in and outwards.

We want to center our energies often right now in this new normal. It means gathering our energies in because we're scattered. Right?!? 

We just  keep splatting!

The news hits and I feel like my energy splats out. Then I see something on social media and I feel like my energies have been fractured again.

So we get to gather in and center, our energies in this central channel that runs all the way up and down.

It's our life force energy.

This central channel has an opening at the top. I think of my Eternal Self entering through that opening, coming on in, and going all the way down into the Mother Earth and coming back up into my body.

My Eternal Self gets to be present in my body.  My Being-ness gets to be in this central channel in the center of my body, and that gathers in my other energies that have been scattered out around me,

Being centered for me is a knowingness that I do have function beyond this body, beyond this earthly plane.

I can be centered in the eternal aspect of me that is Energetic.

This thought really brings me to center and gives me calm.

It brings a peace and a knowing that I do have control over something - Me! I have control over what's happening with the energy in the center of my body, with the center of my existence, and how I choose to be in the present moment.

It brings me mindfully into the present moment. 

It brings calm in for me. It brings in a knowing that I have what I need in any moment to make the next best step.

I invite you to think about centering your energies once you have grounded. We talked about grounding in our last vlog: Click here for grounding video.

Once you've grounded it's very simple to center yourself because you have already activated your central channel of energy with the grounding. 

When you need a quick centering - use your breath to ground as you gather in your scattered energies pulling them into your central channel. This lets your stronger, collected energy flow freely through your body.   

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