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We're halfway there!


We're headed into the energy of the Winter Solstice.

We just came through the 12/12 portal and that was powerful. It really knocked me for a loop! Because of the high the high frequencies, I had a hard time keeping myself grounded that day. We had our Mastermind Group Energy Session meet that night and we were all lit up by the energy and the high frequencies that were available to us. 

I say this every time we have a portal - it comes in and doesn't go away. It comes in so we are now at a higher level and a higher frequency as a planet, as a as a collective, as a group, as a human being. Know that we are constantly up leveling our frequencies as all of this beautiful energy is coming in.

We are headed into the Winter Solstice on 12/21.  According to Diana Cooper, on 12/21/22, we are halfway through this process of The Shift. You know that I use the words The Shift to describe what we are going through, The Shift in Consciousness. So I'm going to use my language...

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Jim's Passing


I'm checking in from Texas this week. I came to Texas to visit my daughter and grandchildren after Jim passed away.

I want you to know that he peacefully and calmly made his transition in his sleep last week. He is free of that 3D body that carried so much cancer and pain for him.

I love the idea that he how now has a new body, an etheric body, that allows him to travel through the dimensions. I literally can see him now pinging through the dimensions to see how fast this new body suit will take him.

He had an old Harley, a '67 Harley, and he loved to take that bike out on the country roads and open it up to see how fast it would go. I imagine he's doing that right now with his etheric body, moving through the dimensions and deciding what his next great adventure is going to be.

He's very much in contact with me. I'm grateful for that.

His energy feels like a warm hug for me, and it has not changed since he crossed over. So I'm imagining that I will have the joy of his presence,...

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Break Open


I had a complete breakdown this month.

For the month of April, our Infused Intention was Surrender, and I was working a lot to surrender to the conditions of my life.

As you may know by now, my husband has a fourth stage cancer diagnosis, and we're working with these circumstances in our lives. It's been a really big challenge to work with the medical model, the energetic model, the spiritual model and all the ways that we like to bring it together.

What I have found especially challenging is working with the medical model with scheduling and all of the restrictions that we now have in this world in which we live.

Well, let me just say that I hit a wall one day. I was working to get a lot of things scheduled for my husband and I literally hit a wall.

When I realized that I couldn't do what I wanted to do for my husband's best interest in his current medical situation, I broke down. I like, totally came apart, broke apart.

In fact, I had this primal scream come out of...

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