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We're halfway there!


We're headed into the energy of the Winter Solstice.

We just came through the 12/12 portal and that was powerful. It really knocked me for a loop! Because of the high the high frequencies, I had a hard time keeping myself grounded that day. We had our Mastermind Group Energy Session meet that night and we were all lit up by the energy and the high frequencies that were available to us. 

I say this every time we have a portal - it comes in and doesn't go away. It comes in so we are now at a higher level and a higher frequency as a planet, as a as a collective, as a group, as a human being. Know that we are constantly up leveling our frequencies as all of this beautiful energy is coming in.

We are headed into the Winter Solstice on 12/21.  According to Diana Cooper, on 12/21/22, we are halfway through this process of The Shift. You know that I use the words The Shift to describe what we are going through, The Shift in Consciousness. So I'm going to use my language around all of this.

Diana Cooper said that she believes the beginning of this really intense part of The Shift was Winter Solstice 10 years ago on 12/21/2012. We are now at 2022 and it goes through 2032. So this really intense 20 years is the time that it's taking us for do this last part of The Shift. I respect her a great deal as a thought leader and as a purveyor of information that benefits us here in the third dimension.

Many other people are speaking into the same timeline so I'm sharing it with you. And the reason it resonates with me is because my Master Teacher, Jesus, told me that The Shift was going to happen in my lifetime. It's really cool to think that we literally are halfway through it, through this really intense part, and that it could be complete within 10 years. To me that is miraculous! That's a miraculous feeling when I didn't know that it could happen in my lifetime. (Well, I did when Jesus told me I just didn't know before that - how long we'd be going through this mess.)

So there's that information. iI it resonates with you take it in, if it doesn't let it go.

As we are coming up on this Winter Solstice, let us really hold a place of hope and optimism, and anything that you normally do to raise your frequency, or anything you normally do to hold a 5D frequency. Let's do that because as this magical portal opens up on Winter Solstice, it's another opportunity for us to leap ahead. And in fact, we could even skip another timeline, so that we can we can complete this process with time to spare.

Winter Solstice of 2020: You may have seen the video about 12/21/2020 where I was engaged with the Divine Feminine Energy coming in. It was when the Star of Bethlehem came back to the planet so we could see it. As I stood there, the 2000 years of energy of the Christ Consciousness was present. I also stood in the forthcoming 2000 years of the Divine Feminine Consciousness as She came in on that Winter Solstice. So I had a Quantum Now moment with 4000 years of human linear years collapsed into that moment where I felt the energy of all of it.

This is very real to me because I've had spiritual experiences, I've had mystical experiences (which I consider different), and I've had energetic experiences. I've had my 5D and some 7D teachers download this information into me as well. As far as I'm concerned, we are halfway through the really tough part, that chaotic part of The Shift in Consciousness. 

I celebrate that! And I truly am going to celebrate in this energy leading up to the Winter Solstice and on the Winter Solstice itself.

I invite you to join me in the celebration by bringing your joy and high frequency to the earth at this time. 

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy!

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