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How to be Quantum


     When something really great happens in my life, people will say, "How did you do that? You're so lucky!" And I will say, "Well, I actually I'm Quantum", and usually that sparks a conversation. "Quantum?! What does that mean?" Well, what quantum means to me is that I have access to all time, and all space, and all possibilities in the universe, in this NOW moment. I call it the quantum now. So it's an understanding of how time and space are collapsed into the present moment. When that happens, I mean, like, all time, like anything that's ever happened since humanity began and anything that's now and anything that's possible in the future, I'm talking about all possibilities. Well, that's a lot. So what do you do if you have all possibilities in front of you? Well, you set an intention, "What is it you want?", and you set that intention, Energy follows intention, and you manifest what it is you're choosing to do, and you manifested from the quantum now!


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The energy of freedom is our infused intention in January.

My personal infused intention is: I am free to be me in 2023.

I have 3 others from our consultants: I AM free. I AM Untethered and Limitless. I Am One With All.

Here's one about freedom that has to do with physics: I am free to manifest waves into particles.  Let's bring that energy into matter!

And here's the third one: I embrace and embody my freedom exactly as my Creator intended, I am free.

So you get the idea here: using the energy of freedom and the concept of that, making an affirmation or an intention with that concept, and then infusing it with your energy.

What we do here at Quantum Energy Infusion is

  • Gather these together from our Consultants and our Mastermind participants so we have an entire page of infused intentions.
  • Some of us read through them every day to infuse it and bring forth that energy of freedom, as it is this month, (or whatever we're working on for that month.)
  • When we come back...
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