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How to be Quantum


     When something really great happens in my life, people will say, "How did you do that? You're so lucky!" And I will say, "Well, I actually I'm Quantum", and usually that sparks a conversation. "Quantum?! What does that mean?" Well, what quantum means to me is that I have access to all time, and all space, and all possibilities in the universe, in this NOW moment. I call it the quantum now. So it's an understanding of how time and space are collapsed into the present moment. When that happens, I mean, like, all time, like anything that's ever happened since humanity began and anything that's now and anything that's possible in the future, I'm talking about all possibilities. Well, that's a lot. So what do you do if you have all possibilities in front of you? Well, you set an intention, "What is it you want?", and you set that intention, Energy follows intention, and you manifest what it is you're choosing to do, and you manifested from the quantum now!

     An example of this, if you're following me, you know my mother fell and sadly passed away. On Thursday night, the night that she fell, I got the call at 10 o'clock at night, I was going to bed, so it was already late for me, and I was in a state of shock. I mean, no joke. I was in a state of shock. I got this news. I simply couldn't believe it. It didn't make any sense. Nothing in my brain could compute that was happening, and yet I knew it to be true in my heart because I could feel it. I was in a state of shock. In the midst of all this, as I was wandering around, and praying for my mother, and sending her energy; it was stunning at what that energy of shock felt like. I knew I had to get to her. So the intention was in my heart, I've got to get to mom. Which meant, “I need to find a plane”. So even in the midst of that shock, my higher self or my intuition, something was speaking to me to say, this has to be done. Do you see how that intention was set without me even making it with my conscious mind? I knew I had to get to my mom. When I realized that I thought, “Okay, well that means plane ticket”, “Okay, where's my computer?”, “I've got to find my computer and here it is at the office”, and I get it open and I start to look for plane flights. So at this point, I'm like, “I need all of my focus, right here, right now”. “I need to step out of the energy of shock and into the energy of intention in this present moment. I need to use all aspects of this quantum now to help me solve this problem.”

     So when I started searching for flights, it was Good Friday, everyone was going someplace and trying to get there for Easter, and there were not many seats. I found three seats finally on a flight out in the afternoon, and they were all first class. I was like, “Okay, well, I've got to get to my mother.” Then I thought, “What about points? I've got some points.” So I checked the points, and instead of all that money, I got to use points to get the ticket and to fly out in less than 12 hours. So it was really beautiful how that unfolded and because I was in the quantum now and how my intuition was feeding me, and the intention: I set that intention. So all the energies, all the forces of time and space in this quantum now, were behind me just like wind beneath my wings, to get this plane ticket. So I was like, “Okay, I can do this”, and I booked it. Then went back to what I was doing and quite frankly, went right back into shock. See, that didn't go anywhere. I did not transmute that energy of shock into brilliance and focus. No, I stepped out of it, and the intention, the pure desire of my heart to get to my mother, I really want you to hear this part; It's not like I had brain function right then. The pure desire of my heart to go help my mom, and to be by her side, was the energy that propelled me forward. And because of that, and through the intuitive hits and things, because I still wasn't thinking very well, I was like, “Okay well, I can only do that on a plane. All right, where's my computer?” Do you see how this unfolded? Because the intention was set by the energy of my heart, that had energy in it, and it was powerful, and it was undeniable. That transcends all time and space. That's really important to understand, the quantum now has no limitations of time and space.

     So then I stepped back to where I was, before I made the ticket. Now I had shifted some, because I knew now that that painful desire to see my mother had been solved. So I was able to release that energy and I was able to step in; I was still in shock, but I was able to be there in a different kind of energy. It was not as mind numbing and paralyzing as it had been before. Now the good news for me was, that freedom that I got for having stepped out of it for a moment and come back to it, was that I then had enough cognizance. I started to have some brain function and cognitive ability, “Where I could go, I need to send mom energy, it needs to be this kind of energy, I can do this, I need to call so-and-so, I need to let my kids know what's happening.” So then all of a sudden, another flow was happening, even though it still had the energy of shock around it. So the thing about when you understand everything's energy, you can shift from one energy to another. You can also transmute energy. You know, one of the basic laws of energy is that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It can be transmuted though.

     So I could have transmuted from shock into something else and into something else, except I wasn't in that place to do that. I was able, though, to step into another energy that was led and guided by the pure desire of my heart. I want you to understand that that trumps everything. It really does, because that energy is so pure that comes out of our heart when we have a desire like this.

     That's Quantum. That's what I mean when I say I'm quantum, it means I have access to all possibilities in the universe. It means I have access to all time and space, and that we literally can collapse all of that right into this moment; while you are purely focused on what needs to happen now, creating that intention and following through with the human footsteps that are required for your humaneness to reach that quantum possibility and to make it happen.

     I really want you to think about this because you're set free when you understand that everything's energy, all of a sudden, you have infinite possibilities.

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