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The energy of freedom is our infused intention in January.

My personal infused intention is: I am free to be me in 2023.

I have 3 others from our consultants: I AM free. I AM Untethered and Limitless. I Am One With All.

Here's one about freedom that has to do with physics: I am free to manifest waves into particles.  Let's bring that energy into matter!

And here's the third one: I embrace and embody my freedom exactly as my Creator intended, I am free.

So you get the idea here: using the energy of freedom and the concept of that, making an affirmation or an intention with that concept, and then infusing it with your energy.

What we do here at Quantum Energy Infusion is

  • Gather these together from our Consultants and our Mastermind participants so we have an entire page of infused intentions.
  • Some of us read through them every day to infuse it and bring forth that energy of freedom, as it is this month, (or whatever we're working on for that month.)
  • When we come back together in the Mastermind Session, we check in to see how it has manifested in our lives.
  • We are always thrilled and surprised at how much energy has come into our lives, especially around whatever the word is. So it will be about how much freedom we will have experienced by the end of the month when we get together and check in with these.

I encourage you to do this because you will be joining us and the energy that we have around freedom. So you will be plugging into that massive morphogenic field that we are creating with the energy of freedom, and it's yours to join. I invite you to write your infused intention around freedom for the month of January.

There's a lot of energy moving right now, in our world, in the cosmos, and in the planetary alignments. I am finding new energy codes - I'm feeling different energies coming in daily and they have been for quite a while. What I'm finding is they are distinct as they come in each new day.

I am integrating them into my body during my morning energy practice, where I'm also meditating and doing prayer work and balancing my chakras. I am  intentionally incorporating the new energies that are coming in every morning.

This makes every day a new adventure and I'm free to be me.  So I'm free to be me as I'm expressing these new energies that are coming in daily that are raising the collective consciousness to peaceful coexistence.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where Everything is Energy!

If you want to learn more about integrating these new energies and light codes, schedule an Energy Breakthrough Session with Connie. 


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