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Bathing in the Divine Feminine Energy


How would you like it if you got an Energy Infusion? It's really simple. All you need to do is allow the energy to enter your field! Initiations into 5D | Stand in the Energy

And when I say your field, I mean your forcefield. There are probably at least 6 vlogs/blogs about that… Your auric field, your biofield, etc. (however you want to think about that). 

So I've been getting these delicious energy infusions. They started on the 1st of February with the 2/2 portal that opened up--And there's yet more light coming in! I identify it as feminine. 

It's a very strong feminine consciousness to me that's coming in as light. I love to get in a quiet space. You can even be outside if you prefer (you don't have to). I talked about this in other videos too: How to receive the light, the intelligence, the beautiful energy that comes in the consciousness that comes from the light. 

Right now, I really enjoy doing it in a meditative state, fully stretched out in Shavasana (lying down). I do an hour's worth of energy work every morning before my feet ever even hit the floor. I have a usual routine that I go through (and I change it up). 

I end up in a very highly-charged state of energy by the time I get up. I like to finish it with a minimum of a 10-minute meditation. Click here for more on: A Gentle Way to Counteract Fear and Stress
Last week, which was the first week of February, there has been all of this incredible energy that's coming in that literally has infused my auric field (or my energy systems)! 

I realized that it was that 2/2 portal that opened up from February 2nd, which actually started kind of like the week before brought in all of these delicious energies! Again, they feel feminine to me… It's very much about the feminine consciousness, the divine feminine, Yin energies, etc. (there are so many ways that we can talk about them). 

Here's the thing, you can have your energy infused by that Yin energy by the feminine consciousness, however, you want to think about it by simply having the intention to receive it. When I'm done with the energy work that I do, I lay with my hands down, my arms along my side, and my palms up; I think about a beautiful light bath. 

Actually, Light Bath is the term that Lorie Ladd uses. I like that a lot: That we're bathing in the light. I really respect that. If that resonates with you, use her term: Light Bath. Go for light!

The way that resonates with me is a light infusion or an Energy Infusion because I can literally feel it infusing my Energy Systems. We'll use Laurie Ladd’s Light Bath term, and lie in that energy. Lie there and be open and willing to receive this beautiful energy!

There's such power in the feminine! As you know, our collective consciousness has pretty much been run by a more masculine energy for the last thousands of years (or eons really). This feminine energy that's entering is very exciting to me!

If you saw my Winter Solstice video, I talked about that feminine energy that came in then… And it's here to stay. It's here to support us in balancing out the collective and working towards coexistence.

As you know, my mission is to raise the collective consciousness to coexistence, to peaceful coexistence, and the feminine energy understands coexistence. So I'm really looking forward to how this infuses each one of us and how this feminine energy also infuses the collective! 

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--Where everything is energy.

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