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How to take a Quantum Leap


Here is how I make quantum leaps. 

It's a combination of energy work, intention, visualizing, and emanating out the true desire of my heart. That's it. Its energy. Quantum leaps happen because they are energetic. They defy the time space linear continuum, and your energy engages with the energy of the quantum field, which then attracts in a like minded energetic being, energy, or energetic being, and they come together to manifest whatever it is you have been visualizing, having an intention about, is the pure desire of your heart, and even praying about, if you'd like to use that term. Its intention and its energy, and it's the pure desire of your heart. 

About 10 years ago, I can remember Jesus telling me in one of our channeling sessions, that one of the most important things that I had to understand was that the pure desire of my heart was a prayer all on its own. I didn't even have to have words to describe it. Source, that pure energy, that pure desire of my heart...

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