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What about anxiety?


How do people with anxiety calm their energy?

Remember everything is energy and anxiety is an energy, it's an energy-in-motion. A lot of time, it's an over-energized energy-in-motion.

Let's think it's an excess of energy which can also show up as an excess of thinking and excessive agitation in the body and excess of worry - anxiety.

We want bring that back in and give it an opportunity to release the excess. We can do that with one of my favorite exercises of all time, the Central Vessel Release. We tap our lower belly; we pull it up; and we say, "I release the energy of this anxiety."  Pull it up again, "I release the energy of this anxiety." Pull it up the 3rd time, and really flip it right off your lip, "I release the energy of this anxiety."

Now a few things have just happened.

  • One is you've acknowledged that you have it.
  • Second of all, you've called it an energy you haven't said, "I am an anxious person."
  • And thirdly, as you do that energy exercise, you are fully in the...
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