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Communicating with other Dimensions


Continuing in this idea of Growth for May and Expansion for June, I want to talk to you about other ways you can expand your consciousness, you can expand your frequency (you can actually raise your frequency), and you can build upon your intuition.

One way to do that is to become aware that you can speak with other dimensions.

In other words, there are beings in other dimensions and you can communicate with them. The example that I'm going to use is probably going to seem closer to home. And that is how I communicate with my husband, and especially once he's crossed over, with Jim on the other side, and how I plan to continue to communicate with him.

I have just felt my heart chakra activate in a feeling of expansion, if you will, in my energy, simply by bringing words to this idea; bringing the word into my being and into this third dimension experience. I am talking about fifth dimensional energies here.

When this airs, if my husband's on this side, or on the other side, what I can tell you is we have already discussed how he and I are going to communicate.

So while Jim is still alive, we are having conversations about how I will talk to him once he has passed over and is in his new experience.

Now I do have some information about Jim that I know--Jim is actually an incarnated Angel. Now, that doesn't happen a lot, and it does happen. He is an angel that chose to come to the planet to experience earth in its time and space elements, and to come have that experience of the human contrast of duality, yin and yang, addictions, sadness, poverty, and abuse. He came here to experience that.

Now, at the end of this particular incarnation, he has experienced very intense physical breakdown. I'm going to say that for the last 10 years ending with this fourth stage prostate cancer, and his third dimensional body breaking down from that. So he came, if you will, with a big soul contract to experience a lot of growth and expansion while he was here. That's his eternal essential self experiencing that growth and that expansion.

It was by his divine design that he did that, because he came here, even as an angel, to have that human experience and carry that mantle, and to know what it was like to have that.

I am filming this as he is still alive. Jim and I have been talking about this, and I said, "you know, Jim, I'm still going to talk to you exactly like you were here."

And he said, "Yes, and it is exactly like I am still here, because I will be hovering over you, I will be with you, I will be guiding you, I will be loving you, I will be nurturing you from that space beyond from that fifth dimension; from that place of heaven."

That is so beautiful.

Now, if that triggers you a little bit, and you're not so sure about it, that's okay. Growth is about stepping into a space that we haven't experienced yet and stepping out of that comfort zone into the next part of that, to see what that might look like or even just entertain the idea that it's possible.

The more that you're willing to do that with your growth and with your expansion, your beliefs start to expand as well. Then, some of those old beliefs fall away, because they're no longer relevant; they aren't even resonant with you anymore. You're now resonating at a higher frequency with these new ideas and new energy with which you are engaging, because 5D is a higher frequency energy than 3D.

The more that you engage and communicate with people in the 5D space or in another dimensional space (maybe you've got some seventh dimensional galactic friends or eighth or ninth dimensional galactic beings that you communicate with), all is possible.

That communication comes in through intuition. You may be clairaudient and you may actually hear the words, you may be clairvoyant where you actually get a mental impression in your third eye (your mind's eye) that has information in it, or you simply may download the information and know from the feeling what they are saying and what you're experiencing.

It's all part of your intuition. We all have this capability and we all have the availability of all of these gifts.

We get to practice them.

Remember I'm a piano teacher--you want to play the piano? Practice your scales, practice your triads, practice your pieces, you get to practice your intuition.

Speaking with people or with beings that have crossed over in other dimensions is a beautiful way to do that.

I invite you, as part of your growth and your expansion, in this experience, to begin communicating with those on the other side.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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