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6/6/6 Portal


We're still in the energy of the 6/6/6 Portal.

It's June 6th, and then the third six comes from 2022 (2+2+2), which adds up to six.

So this has been a very powerful influx of energies. On the morning of 6/6, I woke up with electrical currents; they felt like they were charging through my body. When I looked at the clock, it was 5:55 on 6/6, which I find fascinating.

Anyway, I decided to balance my chakras. I do this every day of my life. As I was balancing my chakras, I was starting to equalize these massive energies that were coming into my body and my legs--I had like electrical currents charging through my legs. It was so uncomfortable, just trying to lay there and have all of this energy move through my body as I was balancing my chakras.

I balanced my chakras for almost two hours. I did not have to be up early on the morning of the sixth, so I made sure that I stayed with the energy until I could feel solid and functioning.

When I got out of bed, I had what I would call a "sick headache". It was like I had a lot of brain fog. I had a hard time getting clarity with thoughts and stuff, because all of that energy had been running through me--that is common for me when I am integrating higher frequencies into my body suit. This is a very common sign for me to have. We call it signs of frequency acceleration.

I find that these energies in my skull need more room to move. So a lot of times, I will massage my forehead or I'll literally pull at the plates in my skull to try to make more room. Sometimes it's that simple. A lot of the time, I'll take my glasses off and I will simply move in circles to help this energy through my head.

So that's one big sign that I have. With that comes like that "sick headache", almost like a sinus headache, sort of a feeling brain fog. I also I can feel dizzy. I don't get vertigo, but my husband gets vertigo--those are very common signs of your frequency accelerating.

Some other people have joint pain; they find that their body is achy and they have joint pain.

I felt those electrical currents moving through my body and that can feel really weird. So it's important when this is all happening that you have something you could do to get you through those those signs. One of them is to ground yourself.

The thing that I like to do first is to balance my chakras or to anchor into one of my chakras.

Sometimes I anchor into my root chakra by putting my hands right here where my thighs meet the trunk of my body. I think about sending energy into the ground because if you can ground a lot of that higher frequency energy, it will help you and it will help the earth to bring those energies in.

After I've done the grounding with my root chakra, and after I've done anything I need to do with my head, I like to start to equalize the energy in my field.

So I often will do this infinity weave several times a day. This is another really great energy technique to help you equalize your energy because those higher frequencies are coming in.

Remember, everything's energy.

Your auric field is energy, your body suit is energy, your chakra system and your meridian system--everything is energy. These higher frequencies are coming in and expanding that which means you need more room in your body suit, which is compressed energy, that is matter.

This matter is expanding as well. It's mind blowing.

So what I really want you to do is be aware and when you have any of these signs, go ahead and use some of your energy techniques to help equalize the energy to integrate it into your body suit.

Help yourself come back to center. Be centered in who you are in your highest self, and your higher consciousness and get grounded in your body. That will be the best way for you to move through those signs of frequency acceleration.

I'm Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion--where Everything is Energy!

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