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Do You Want More Calm?

process emotions Jul 29, 2020

Emotions are energy-in-motion so let’s use energy techniques to process our emotions. 

There is a Central Vessel of Energy that runs up the front of your body. Use this as a Release Valve to let go of toxic emotions.

Here’s a 4 step process to Go from Fear to Calm

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling. 
  2. Recognize that it is an emotion. 
  3. Process that emotion out with the Central Vessel Release
  4. Center yourself in the calm, in your true self

You are now centered and fully functional in this present moment

Much of what you are feeling may be coming from the collective consciousness. 

We don't need to live in a agitated state, a fearful state, or an anxious state. 

We can process those emotions out. 

We can go from an agitated moment to a calm one;

from an anxious state to a quiet one;

from fear to peace.


Here are the 4 Steps to Process Emotions 

  1. Acknowledge what you are feeling.
    1. Where is it in your body?
    2. Can you name the...
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