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Shadow work is powerful


00:00 - Intro

I did some shadow work this weekend that took me out. I was in a four-hour intensive on the Quantum Enneagram and we were working with the points two, three, and four, which happened to be my personality, or my type points. Wow, we did some deep work into the personality characteristics and to the different aspects of those personalities and when I came across the fact that I have been self-deceptive most of my life, it hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, I had such a visceral reaction, I thought I was gonna vomit. 

00:43 - What a Community Can Do

Now, the good news is, I was in a group of people with an energetic background, and we were all able to help me run the energy of that. It was devastating. It was shocking. I felt it was horrifying for me in many ways. It was humiliating. When that shadow work comes up to be processed, man, it's big and it's dark. And I don't care how big your light is. You got a big light, you got a big shadow, and man, this one came...

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