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Shadow work is powerful


00:00 - Intro

I did some shadow work this weekend that took me out. I was in a four-hour intensive on the Quantum Enneagram and we were working with the points two, three, and four, which happened to be my personality, or my type points. Wow, we did some deep work into the personality characteristics and to the different aspects of those personalities and when I came across the fact that I have been self-deceptive most of my life, it hit me like a ton of bricks. In fact, I had such a visceral reaction, I thought I was gonna vomit. 

00:43 - What a Community Can Do

Now, the good news is, I was in a group of people with an energetic background, and we were all able to help me run the energy of that. It was devastating. It was shocking. I felt it was horrifying for me in many ways. It was humiliating. When that shadow work comes up to be processed, man, it's big and it's dark. And I don't care how big your light is. You got a big light, you got a big shadow, and man, this one came up and I mean literally felt like it took me out. Thank goodness I had support. 

01:18 - Not All Support Has a Physical Body

Now I not only used my 3D support, I used my 5D support. I never hesitate to ask either my angels or my guides for help. My ancestors, galactic beings, I bring them all in, especially when I have had something that is personally devastating such as self-deception, that I've literally been deceiving myself my entire life, about the truth of who I am, the truth of the situations I'm in and some self-loathing came up with all of that. Yeah, I mean, it was just a big old giant shadow process. What I started to say is, I will give some of the pain away to a galactic being, to another dimensional being. 

One of my favorite people is Mary of Magdala and I will say “Mary, please help me with this. It is too much right now for my human self to bear”, and there will be a release of some of that energy and some compassion and unconditional love coming for me. So whether it's an ancestor for you, or a galactic being, or maybe a saint, turn it over, you don't have to carry that whole burden. 

02:35 - 3 Takeaways

So that's one of the things I want to talk about. Get help. It doesn't matter. Get it in the 3D world, the 5D world or beyond, make it galactic beings, it doesn't matter. There are always beings and ancestors and angels here to help you. Secondly, that is not who you are. I knew throughout the entire process that I am still my spirit. I am my quantum eternal self. I am still that eternal being that came into the earth plane to have an experience. So no matter how much physical or mental or emotional anguish I was going through as my life was flashing before my eyes and all the times that different situations where I had been self-deceptive and how it had either hurt me or others that I love, I still knew I was my spirit. Big shadow work, I'm telling you. 

So the second thing is never forget who you are. You are always this higher being. And the third thing is take care of yourself. After I went through that shadow work it took me two days to let it integrate, to finish processing, to continue to do its work, and have its way with me. And I mean that very seriously. Because when that shadow comes up, we get to own it. You get to own it. It's been part of your 3D experience. And if you're in the work of upleveling your life or teaching others, you get to do your work, and man it sucks sometimes. I mean, it is so painful sometimes and yet it's still not who you are. Right? Remember that! 

04:19 - Take Care of Yourself

So the part of you that still has an earth suit and the part of you that still has those feelings connected to it. That part of you needs some compassion, right? The 3D you that just needs some time to restore, to integrate, to absorb all that's happened, and to release, to continue releasing what's not yours. All of that. Give yourself time, whatever that looks like for you to nurture yourself through that self-compassion, self-love. Do things that are peaceful and quiet to your soul, your spirit, to your beingness and love, just tons and tons of love. Connie Kean with Quantum Energy Infusion where everything is energy.

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