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I woke up yesterday morning, which was June 3, strawberry full moon, to the words magnetize and energize. 3:30/4 o'clock in the morning, the energy of the Moon was so strong and I thought "okay, magnetize, that feels right, I feel this magnetic energy coming in me and through me." So before I did that, I balanced my chakras, brought myself, my chakra system, fully in balance till I landed on my heart center and then at that point, typically and most certainly this morning at 4:30 or so by then, I was in complete alignment. My chakra system was in complete alignment and I was, I like to say - one with the field. At that point I sent out this magnetic energy. I'm still in my parents home and we're having an estate sale within the week, and I was told to magnetize the contents of the home and energize the contents of the home and send it out, put it out in the field. So the people that were looking for something would be able to find it, that they would be attracted to the energy. Yes,...

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