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I woke up yesterday morning, which was June 3, strawberry full moon, to the words magnetize and energize. 3:30/4 o'clock in the morning, the energy of the Moon was so strong and I thought "okay, magnetize, that feels right, I feel this magnetic energy coming in me and through me." So before I did that, I balanced my chakras, brought myself, my chakra system, fully in balance till I landed on my heart center and then at that point, typically and most certainly this morning at 4:30 or so by then, I was in complete alignment. My chakra system was in complete alignment and I was, I like to say - one with the field. At that point I sent out this magnetic energy. I'm still in my parents home and we're having an estate sale within the week, and I was told to magnetize the contents of the home and energize the contents of the home and send it out, put it out in the field. So the people that were looking for something would be able to find it, that they would be attracted to the energy. Yes, the law of attraction. So I was energizing and magnetizing the contents of this home.

I woke up this morning again very, very early before the sun came up and I was brought - another word came in, quantumize. So this morning, once I had balanced my chakras, I was one with the field. Then I sent out the energy for the contents of the home and I did it section by section. So I imagined that the entire side of the home, for the top floor, and I set the intention to energize, magnetize, and quantumize, which is the word I was given, and quantumize the contents of all the rooms across this end of the home. When I did that with the upper floor, I did the same thing with the same region on the ground floor. Then I did the same thing with this region in the basement on the underground floor. I moved to another section of the house, the section that faced north and I did that for the third floor, the second floor and the basement. Then I did it, anyway, you know where I’m going with this and once I was done with the home, then I went to the garage, then I went to what was surrounding the home and out on the driveway. Now as you can imagine there's a lot of contents in this home that are up for sale and what I want is for the people that will be blessed by them to find them and what better way than energy because everything's energy! 

So as I went through this intentional exercise this morning of energizing, magnetizing, then quantumizing the contents of this home, I had this visual image - I see energy as movement. Then magnetized to me means it has a pull, you know that it has a pull to it, is the best way I can think to say, it has a tug or an energetic pull to it. Then quantumize, like think atomize, you know if you have an atomizer with perfume and it just makes it go into all these little tiniest forms of beads. Well quantumize meant that to me, that it quantumized out into the field and of course it went everywhere. Because it's not just like you can only go out a little bit, if it's quantum It's everywhere. It's everywhere. All at once. Now. What do you want to magnetize? What do you want to quantumize? What do you want to energize in your life? Go ahead and do that.

Then the cool part, the footnote of this is, Amanda Lawrence is one of my favorite thought leaders. So this happened to me Saturday morning, the first day was Saturday morning. Saturday night, about 10:30, I read her post for the day on Facebook and she spoke about the magnetic energy that she was feeling in England - probably about 12 hours prior to me reading this, maybe 17 hours, I would have to think about the time change - but the point is she wrote about the very same thing in her experience with the energy from England and it was within the timeframe that I was experiencing the same download of the magnetic energy and the way that it was coming in and how powerful it is. And it's available to all of us! I'm not special. I'm just paying attention. So now that you know this is a possibility, see what you want to energize, magnetize and go ahead and add quantumize to it. See what happens. 

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