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You have a family energy field!


I discovered our family field of energy yesterday. Now it was there already, it's just that I never thought about it before, I never thought that we could have a morphogenic field of energy for our family, and yesterday that became evident to me. I was out on my walk on the beach, and I was sending my grandson some energy, very specific energy, almost like a prayer. Think of it kind of like a prayer, because there was a specific situation in his life that I was addressing prayerfully and energetically. So I was sending the energy to James and thinking about him, and then I thought, “Well, I'm gonna do that for my granddaughter for little Luna”, and as I was working with Luna, I literally started - even though I was walking on the beach - I literally started working with her energy field, and she's little and I knew she was asleep, so it was just like really cute thinking about her and sending her some energy and praying for her as well. 


Well, all of a sudden...

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